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Noob on an epic adventure

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Since I'm new here I though I might introduce me and post the story of my life.

Hi ya'll, I'm Jonas, a 29 year old living in northern Europe. (Finland to be exact)

I first discovered NF some months ago but didn't think much of it until this week when Joel from Impossible HQ linked to Steve's Epic Quest of Awesome in his e-mail series.

I've read many of Steves awesome posts during this week, and I just bought the Rebel Strength Guide an hour or two ago.

My story

I've been overweight pretty much all my life, but it's gotten particularly bad lately with aching in various parts of the body (mainly my back).

I've tried a few diets before, mainly following the simple principle of eating less calories than I burned and hoped for an Epic Win. Truth to be told it was more of an Epic Failure.

I blame my engineer-brain for this since it's a very logical principle, but much like the computer problems many of us encounter, the most logical fix isn't always the solution.

In late 2011 I had decided that as of January 1, 2012, I would go all in and loose my excess weight. I had a chat with a friend of mine and he happened to mention he had lost 44kgs (that's 97lbs to you imperial guys) in the last 8 moths!

He wasn't eating any particular diet although it really resembled LCHF (which in turn resembles the paleo diet, read more on dietdoctor.com). He ditched the carbs and ate lots of meat and fat.

The day after I decided that this would be the diet I'd go for in January. I started off at about 113.6kgs (250lbs). During the first 5 weeks I lost a whooping 8.9kgs (19.6lbs).

I've had some bad weeks, but still going strong. I track my activities and progress utilizing the Fitbit, and I'm not sure I could have kept going without it. Who says gadgets don't aid you in losing weight?

As an engineer I keep (almost obsessively) track of everything I eat, both using the Fitbit website and using a complex spreadsheet. For me it's very important to keep track of everything, although most people

just say the can't be bothered with it.

Currently I'm eating about 10-20 grams of carbs each day, down from approx. 500grams prior.

Nutrition statistics from my best weeks this far: (values are daily averages)

Carbs: 15 grams (5%)

Fat: 100 grams (69%)

Protein: 82 grams (26%)

I had been planning to start walking/jogging more, but as I read Steves posts, I've changed my mind and I'm now going to focus mainly on strength training. I have been procrastinating the walking/jogging because

of the weather (its been as low as -30C (-22F) here in January :s, so I'm glad I've decided to focus more on indoor activities :)

My fitness level is currently just above rock bottom. I used to be at rock bottom, but the 9kgs lost has helped a lot. I now can climb a full set of stairs (!!!) without losing my breath. Yeah, I was that bad in shape just a few weeks ago.

I still haven't started to read the Rebel guide, but as soon as I post this I intend to.



PS. This seems like an awesome community, I'll do my best to spend a lot of time hanging out here ;) DS.

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is nowâ€

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hi there! *waves*

My Blog | My Story

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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -Edmund Burke

"Love does not throw the book at you because love doesn't have a book to throw." -CS Lewis

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