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Getting fit in the army (one does not simply)

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Jumped home and back today and ate popsicels and cereal at home .
Felt like i lost it, but calorie track turned out really ok since i missed the real lunch and ate some canned shit at home.

I think im not using enough tricks to help myself. I dont make enough health potions , to use a nerd metaphor.
bringing canned food (corn and beans, sorta healthy) was a good move, i should do it more.

But also at home, i should bring some healthy shit to eat after work.
Also driving to work on my bicycle is a good idea.

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I've had a rough week.i Haven't seen my family in 3 weeks, since they went to a vacation abroad on my week at home. 
I go home every other week now, for a whole week. Headquarters are nice like that.
And i find myself more on the edge, emotionally. I feel i got less perspective, like every time something bad happens i freak out. Didn't study music theory for the first few days of the week?
Must have lost control and can't achieve any goal. Since i can't reach any of my goals, might as well skip the last set on yesterday's powerset.
But also, yesterday powerset was the first one in two weeks. It's totally fine if it isn't as good as usual.

so, this week is nearly at its end.
Ill post the calorie diagram , like i did the last base week.
It'll give me more accountability.

I am debating myself, should i start running everyday. I know nerdfitness wisdom says to have rest days, but it also says to have rest Days.
Tough call indeed.

I really should schedule a workout planning meeting that my gym is offering.

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This week was a huge success.

I met my goal to keep track for 4 days -  sadly i now see i forgot to post the post which stated it as a goal. Oh well.

 It felt so easy and right. I also tracked about half the meals on the other 3 days home.

goal for next home week- track 5 days (wednesday to sunday, including sunday).

 this week i left myself remainders to count calories in my phone and they worked great. so note to self.



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Im slipping today. I ate carbs at lunch. and now at dinner.

My new job means im missing meals, so there's a rotating duty to bring me food. problem is they always put sweets and carbs and very little salads, if any.
what i can do is:
A. Tell them each time to bring me salads. They don't always do even if u say, and its awkward.
B. Bring my own food to put in our mini fridge.
C. Just eat only the healthy parts. Superhard.

my ways to deal should be to bring some of my canned food here when i start my shift.

Side note,For next week i should buy more canned, like i planned.

so thats how ill take control on this food slip. 

Also next week i should bring cans like i planned. i packed in a hurry, and i didnt pack enough running pants.

So I can only have 2-3 workouts this week, unless I do some at my room.
But Friday and Saturday are gonne be tough. Must people go home for the weekends.
So im thinking I should put atleast one of the workouts there.

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okay, i missed like... 4 weekly posts?
that seems like too much.
one wouldn't upload, with another one i forgot to press send, and then the last two weeks i was internetless-
 which was a challenge I'll discuss later in this post.

and now that i think about it, i have been rather lost in my diet way the last 4 weeks.
i started questioning the slow way, since i "haven't seen results yet." I've lost 2kilograms but gained them the next week.
so i gradually stopped counting calories...
somehow thinking "well, it didn't work that well so far, i shouldn't continue".
its not an overall stupid idea... except that it was the one thing that was working- alot of other regular things i didn't change and so i ended up with the same usual result.
today i went back to counting and found that over the course of a  month i slipped back to eating 4000 calories  a day.
without any thought or feeling it was off.
so anyway, i need to be smarter then this.
I'm going back to  counting calories, hopefully this time ill remember that i can't "power thorough" weight lost.
its a method. if i put more work to the right places - buy healthy food to the army, count calories, cook healthy meals, workout with a program....

diet is a change that you have to work and try hard for: but it isn't hard in a movie, "squinting your eyes hard and wish it'd work" way.

so, the least of things I'm doing this week-
1 calorie count everything, at least until the end of Monday. (last time i counted until sabbath ended- but i feel i can pick up the pace a bit since I'm loaded on tons of sleep from the internetless week, and feeling really motivated, for a few days in a  row now. i should note to myself that even of i feel like I'm failing i should be able to do it at least until Sunday, and if not then its because I'm rusted and then ill succeed better next week.
2. cooking isn't happening, so i need to break it to steps. i can order that cool cooking book online, but it'll take a month and i cant do it until i cash my paycheck and fix the international credit card.
so, in short, i should print a recipe from the Internet, a healthy one i think ill like. maybe from thug kitchen. thats it on cooking for this week.
3. at least one workout this week on the days I'm not working. on Monday after my dinner with dad maybe... and it should be at the gym.
i don't go to the gym in my base cuz the treadmills are always taken. but i do jog there. if i run on a treadmill, i can know what my pace really is (the reception is shit at the base so i dont really get accurate reading from the running app.

so that's it for now, I'll try to post on every sabbath from now on.




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so for the past... month, I stopped counting calories.

I figured that since I'm joining weight watchers I don't need to count calories.
Image result for i am not a smart man


I feel it. I'm feeling out of control in a lot of areas in my life, and it all traces back to the moment I stopped counting.
even though I wasn't losing any weight, it gave me a sense of control. right now I'm just eating freely. I'm a chubby dude, and if I keep eating like that I'll get real fat. 10 min ago I ate a shit ton of chocolates.

Image result for diet meme so back to counting.

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So. Went to the second weight watchers meeting yesterday, shit was awesome.

So I'm counting "points" instead of calories, which rake getting used to. I'm shit at math, so that's nice.

Also, I'm studying to improve my math score. It's hard,but it gives me time structure at the base.

I ran yesterday at the gym, and it felt so good.

I think I'll make it a thing where I run on the first home day.

So yesterday I didn't count beyond breakfast,just sort of counted this morning from the memory.

It was in not my budget.

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