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Sydney Meetup - Weds 11th May 2016 - 6pm

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Time for our first 2016 Sydney meetup, trying to make it inclusive and accessible to all since we have a few new names around the boards. 


Date: Wednesday 11th May 2016

Time: 6pm

Venue: Strike Bowling at King St Wharf, 


Price: If you want to bowl, $16 for 1 game, $28 for 2 games. If you don't want to bowl you can come and just hang out while other bowl. 


After party:

7.30 - 8pm (depending when we finish bowling) - Spawn Point video games bar 



Me and Dawsy  @BarefootDawsy are confirmed so the event will go ahead, the more people that come the better, everyone is welcome we'd love to see you there!




Tired to tag Sugaru but not happening...

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15 hours ago, Aimon said:

Hey Guys,


Is this still on? i would love to come down for a bit. 



Hey, yes still on. 


I've booked a lane at 6.30 and pre-paid 2 of us, a third is also coming and they've told me 4 is ok too if you also want to bowl or you can just come hang out, up to you. 


They seem to be pretty strict on timing so I expect we'll make it to spawn point on time, probably around 8pm. 

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A small but perfectly formed meetup last night, 3 of us bowled, video gamed and feasted!  Good to catch up. 

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