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Countess D'If and the Two Weeks of Hell

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15 hours ago, Countess D'If said:

So, let this be a lesson to all - careful how you name your challenge threads. @fleaball and I can personally attest to the fact that they come true in the the most hideously unfair manner. POSITIVE TITLES ONLY, PEOPLE. Positive titles only.

Noted! Interesting theory there, reminds me of an email we got at work when they had a big security crackdown and we all had to choose new long and complicated passwords. About how you can use passwords as a method of positive reinforcement, eg some version of quitsmoking (with the necessary numbers, capitals etc included), and since you use that password many times a day each time you type it you are reminding yourself of that thing. So if you have a positive challenge title, every time you get a notification it also reinforces whatever the title is. Proof: I haven't eaten any kittens since Fleaball started that challenge.


Any progress with your money? Your bank sucks, big time :( 

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Yay us! I also did not drink any of the Pepsi the firm brought in for lunch! I did eat the pizza, through. . .



I am so bored and frustrated with my project right now, I want to punch it in the face. Except I can't, it's a research project and inherently incorporeal. . .



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Once when I was in university I made a deal with a friend of mine that every time I said I wanted to go to McDonald's she could punch me in the stomach because then I'd feel the same way as if I went, but save about $6.


Moral of the story: never go to McDonald's

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My name is Countess D'If and it has been sixteen days since I've have soda or fast food.


At All.


Me for the win.


I did just have a shot of Jose because I have no gas in my car and I didn't think I was going to make it home. MOST STRESSFUL DRIVE EVER!!

And now I am out of tequila. Damn but being broke sucks.

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I'm here. I'm actually doing really well. But I'm still fat so. . .


I am 100% considering not making my own thread, but just legit hopping in to yours. I'm clearly not motivated by the challenges, either. I did, however, find an article that piqued my interest:



I too have a list of shit I want to do so that I can label myself a fo reals grown up. Maybe I should do like this gal and write those down and ACTUALLY DO THEM for like a week?Ich don't know. I don't see why not? But at the same time I know me and one fail will spiral me into lameness and garbage personatude. Not that there is anything wrong with being a garbage person, like the article pointed out. I just have this shiny happy idea in my head. 


Now I'm thinking about it. . .Maybe I shall dig out my old battle log and use that. These challenges are just horse shit anymore.

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