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IronMeg's first challenge - 10 points for Gryffindor

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Welp here's the final tally for this month. I must say I agree with it. It was a "meh" month, I could have done so much better but I could have done a lot worse too. Just gotta keep working on it. I wont lie, I did NOT expect cleaning to be my strong suit.....


Level up my health:
    Pack a lunch for work 4 days a week 
        10/19 - 
          *lost one day due to lunch 'n learn
          *lost one day cause mondays suck
          *lost one day cause water heater
          *lost one day being a good friend
    Keep track of calorie counts every day
Level up my life:
    14 hours of cleaning
        12 hours 0 min/14 
Level up my hobby:
    Complete 5 unique items, including how-to blog posts
        Items complete: 5/5    How-tos complete: 3/5
        Items complete:
          X wand holder - blog done
          replica brooms
          Fabric flowers for the wedding
          vivi staff commission
          light box for centerpeices

Final Tally:
Pack lunch - 10/19 - D
Calorie Tracking - 22/34 - D
14 Hours of cleaning - 12/14 - A
hobby - 3/5 - C

Overall - C

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No worries! You were just getting into the swing of things this month. :D Next month will be even better. And remember, the important thing is you tracked your calories 22 more times and packed your lunch 10 more times than you did last month! And made serious strides on your hobby work too (PS--I'd have totally given you an A on the hobby stuff! Look at all the things you got done!) Keep up the good work! I'll be following you next challenge!

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Fantastic that you finished and had an unexpected strong performance in the cleaning department :D  Don't sweat the stuff that didn't go perfectly - like you said, it was maybe not your ultimate victory month but it was certainly a hell of a lot better than it would have been if you hadn't been making a special effort to work on this stuff. And you're already gearing up for your next challenge, which is awesome. I'll definitely be watching for your next challenge and following along!!



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