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Jumping right in with my first challenge!


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Okay!  I am still not entirely sure this is correct, but I'll try it out, and let me know if I am missing something...  (I already just posted this in the wrong spot so.... off to a brilliant start <3)

I am doing the 4 week challenge for Rebels... (though I am pretty sure after this I'll throw in with the Assassin's lot, but I'm a newbie still, so we'll see.)


Diet, yo!

I actually eat fairly healthy already, but for the next four weeks I am going to try to drink 3 litres of water a day at least 5 days a week.  To help with this, I've installed a little hydration app on my phone, it's obnoxious, but it's perfect for reminding me.

Beyond that I am going to continue my Paleo-ish ness, I'm a vegetarian so I'll likely never go full Paleo, but for the next four weeks I am going to keep added sugar out of my diet.



I'm gonna keep doing that NF BodyWeight workout at least 2x a week.

Life, the Universe, and everything else:
I'm going to take walks 3 evenings a week (maybe on off days from the NF workout) and on these walks I will pass our local bar downtown and peek in to see who is there.  I'm working on restructuring my social life, and in the tiny town I live in friends end up at the bar, but I don't (I'm not a drinker), still, I want to make a point to go visit, see who's there, and spend a few minutes saying hi, drinking seltzer, and keeping myself connected to my friends in town.

Also, double bonus round, I am going to spend 5 minutes each evening cleaning something in my house, it can go on for longer, but 5 minutes a day.


That's my challenge!  I am travelling a bit this month and next, but diet and fitness I can keep up with while I'm on the road, and Life stuff I can make up for when I return.

Wish me luck!

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On 5/7/2016 at 0:36 PM, Ren_okami said:

Hey! I'm a vegetarian/paleo too! I've found some interesting recipes to make it all work. The thing I do isn't full paleo, but enough so that it works with my vegetarianism. 

Ooo!   I'd love to hear more about that... I get into these weird patterns of "kale and sweet potatoes are good"  and then eggs, tofu, or tempeh for protein.  I used to brainstorm crazy meal ideas with my sweetheart before he moved away, but now I am trying to get back into new exciting recipes.  My main holdout from paleo (besides meat) is sweet brown rice (sticky rice) which doesn't have sugar, it's just a sweeter grain.  I make so much sushi out of that rice and onigiri (little rice balls with fun pickle-stuff in them wrapped in seaweed), and it's a great base for whatever else I am eating... like kale and sweet potatoes.... anyway...  this challenge is in full swing and I'm sipping coffee when I should be downing water (I have that here as well, but coffee takes precedent in this moment.)

If you have any near recipes, or sources for recipes, I'd love to share!

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UPDATE!  We update, yeah?  Okay.

I went to New York May 5-9 and it didn't screw up my goal, I was a little nervous it might.  I walked around, socialized, went on adventures with my sweetheart.  Even walked 12 miles in a day, without any particular intent.  That's the great part of New York, you're engaging your feet without even thinking about it.  Haven't added sugar to anything, and avoided things with sugar in them (with one exception of trying the amazing black sesame and matcha soft-serve icecream at a Japanese market... worth it, and I didn't have much)

My hydration app (which is called Hydro Coach for Android) is as annoying as ever, but it's little messages of concern are also somehow hilarious.  I am keeping up with it fairly well, less tracking, more drinking at least 8 oz of water when it starts to fret.

Also I instituted "comics and cocktails" last night having walked to the bar down the street, they are shooting a movie in town so it's extra fun to visit "the strip" (we don't call it that, but that is all there is) and saw a few friends and read a graphic novel (the latest collection of BlackSad, oh my god, it's so well done) I got in New York.


Tying to keep up the momentum, coming back from adventures can be a bit of a let-down.  But I think in a day or so I'll have found my rhythm again.

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Good job with not screwing up your goal! I've been making a lot of homemade sushi as well becasue it's cheap and healthy! I've been using white rice but want to swap to brown. The problem is, it isn't sticky and doesn't hold as well. I will look into the sweet brown rice! I love baking sweet potato fries an eating them with a little mayo (sometimes homemade if I can swing it!). Since I'll be starting strength training soon, I will need to find ways to incorporate more protein into my diet. Also, Kale is the BEST! :D 

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Update the second!

God I am tired.  I am not sure why, been running about, and maybe that's it.  I just completed one series of reps for my workout and realized I feel totally weak today.  I was pretty weak yesterday too, but since it was the weekend, I could sleep in, and take it easy.  Still, ack!  I have been eating well, but I think I might need more protein, it's always an issue I look to if things are off, am I getting enough iron and protein... We'll see. If anyone has any brilliant suggestions for protein-rich vegetarian pick-me-up for now, or that i can make for dinner, I'd try it out.

Other than that, I am meeting my goals for the most part, but really want to take a nap.

Any tips, tricks, recipes, etc are welcome... I know the best thing for me is probably to take a nap then eat something high in iron an protein, but I am not sure that's forthcoming in the next few hours.

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Hey! I'm updating again!

The other day I was starting a short 7 Minute Workout (I love that app, someone on another NF forum mentioned it, and it's a great "sure I can do that right now!" thing, and for reps, just do it over and over.  Good stuff.) and I could barely finish it.  I was weak and exhausted.  Maybe I hadn't been sleeping enough?  But I have?  Eating right?  Extra-so... I started taking a multi vitamin along with a B-complex sub-lingual (eye dropper under the tongue), the latter was suggested to me because of a new birth control pill I'm on.  And then it clicked... and I researched: "birth control exhaustion fatigue" and whammo.  I mean, I know Google is terrible for self diagnosis, but there it is anyway, this is the only new factor and I'm exhausted, and also I've been a lot angrier, which is weird, because I am not an angry person (note, I'm not angry-angry, just in sort of a "don't take no shit" mode, which I sort of enjoy, but I don't like being crazy frustrated)
So anyway, it's Friday, my doctor's office is at lunch, but I will call them around 1:30 and at least explain my situation and see if I can get the pills changed.  I so rarely take medication that it didn't occur to me that all my lazy feelings may be a side-effect.

This is a long status update, and while I'm not "Killing it!" on my goals, I am still meeting them for the most part (I sort of psyched myself out and tell myself I need to do 3 workouts a week, but my goal is 2 and I am meeting that), but in a sort of lazy apathetic "I'm tired" way.


If anything, I'm thrilled to have this thing here, because it's gotten me to track myself much closer, otherwise I'd just think I was tired, and take more naps, but I think this exhaustion is symptomatic, and if I can fix it, I'll be back to kicking butt again... or making bold attempts.

Cheers!  Hope you all are making your goals and kicking ass and taking names!

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16 minutes ago, PollyannaAgain said:

Three cheers for PITA side-effects! I hope the doc can get you straightened out!

I know!  It's funny, I just got off the phone (nothing like explaining that I am exhausted and also prone to anger, then when they say come in next week, I'm all: "No.  Your first Rx was completely arbitrary, this one can be too, only less hormones, please, also: don't test me, I don't have time next week." but, you know, politely) and they are changing the dose or the Rx, again it's Birth Control which is all a bit hit-or-miss trial-and-error chemical wise, and will check my chart and phone a new Rx into my pharmacy, and inform me when they do.  I wanted to do a celebratory "hooray!" Jump and Punch the Air victory move, but really I am just too tired.  This is good though, I get to embrace my laziness a few more days while this leaves my system, and hopefully I can feel myself waking up.


Pharmaceuticals are weird, you guys.  I'm not a fan.

Meanwhile tonight is the last night of filming for the movie being shot in my town (I ran into Sam Rockwell last night and Peter Dinklage just walked by.  Yup.  Awesomesauce.)  I am going to take a nap before they light the building on fire tonight, and coffee-willing, I'm gonna stay up super late, damn the exhaustion, this is not-to-be-missed!

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