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RogueLibrarian plans a heist

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I love a good caper. This is gonna take careful planning, perfect timing, and guts if we’re gonna pull it off, but the payout is big. You in or out?





Base of operations

  • Work on home improvement project once a week


This includes diet:

  • More real food

  • Fewer liquid calories

  • Healthy snacks

  • Cook something healthy on the weekend for the week ahead

  • Alcohol: Minimal. When I do have a drink, stop at two.


Stay sharp and study the blueprints.



  • Write 3 hrs/ week. The book is still in the works and I have some challenging chapters ahead, I think. I already have a couple of writing days booked away from the office in May, but the weeks when I can’t dedicate a full day to it are always a challenge.

  • Meditation daily. 5 minutes is fine, 10 is better.




Timing is everything. Synchronize your watches and stick to the schedule.




Get on a workout schedule. Put workout days on my calendar. Stick to it or adjust, but don’t just blow it off when a day gets busy. The current intention is:


  • Run 2x week

  • Bodyweight workout 3x week


I’m currently doing Academy level 3 bodyweight workouts as my default strength routine, but I’m loving discovering new stuff so some substitutions will occur.


5 days a week is a tough schedule and I’m not sure whether I can keep up with it. I think I may discover that strength work twice a week is way more realistic if I’m also running twice a week. One way to find out.



  • I will stretch every time I work out. I’m terrible about this.


I am working on simplifying my tracking system to something I won’t forget, but also won’t stress out about keeping up with. Trying the new Google Calendar habits feature at present.


I’m leaving Fitbit off the challenge this month, because it’s been taking care of itself pretty well so far this year. I’m going to try not tracking weight much, because I want to think less about that as a goal and more about activity and diet unto themselves. I’ll weigh in once every 1-2 weeks just to make sure I’m on track.


We’re gonna need brains, muscle, speed and flexibility. Screw this up and it’s gonna go badly.




Bonus points for:

  • Build more on outdoor gym (punching bag is still to come!)

  • Participate in Assassins’ mini challenge

  • Level up in NFA (I think I've done most of the easy stuff like "go for a walk" so the initial XP burst is just about over)

  • Do the Academy level 1 and 2 boss fights (the assessment placed me at level 3 workouts, but … I can’t skip boss fights)

  • Workout or run once while on vacation this weekend

  • Improve pullups

  • Run 5km

  • Wear all black workout clothes, because stealth

  • Sell those old Star Wars figures on ebay

  • Climbing a new/harder route that I haven’t tried yet

  • Get the bike out of the shed and ride it at least once

  • Finally take that belay class

  • Finish the next chapter of the book

  • Try a parkour class

  • Do a virtual 5k race

  • Do a wall handstand


So, I think that makes the weekly rundown:

Workouts X/3

Run X/2

(don't forget to stretch)

Meditation X/7

Write X/3 hours

Home improvement X/1

Diet (how to quantify? just a letter grade? working on that)

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"We can be heroes"

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(no really I love the goals in support of something! yay!)

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mermaid ninja assassin. on a motorcycle. with swords. and knitting needles. and kittens.


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Week zero begins!  I did my scheduled workout at the gym. Warmed up with jump rope and stretched before and after. A little less intense than the killer Darebee one I did last week, which is a good thing. That damn near killed me. Tried resistance bands for the first time, which appeals to me as a portable workout device.


It's raining like crazy this week, but I'm hoping to get a run in tomorrow evening. We're going on a road trip Thursday night through Sunday morning (anniversary mini-vacation), so my plan is gym workouts MW and run Tuesday, and then some kind of exercise one day while we're out of town, either a run or a workout routine.


Ms. Rogue signed us up for a 5k next month, so I've upped my running from once a week to twice a week for this challenge. 


If you're just tuning in, I'm also building a bodyweight gym in my backyard. Progress photos to follow, but not this weekend. I'll probably start a thread about that at some point soon.

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"We can be heroes"

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Well then! This is the progress to date.




Dip bars in foreground, pullup bar right behind that. It's eight feet high and that horizontal bar is eight feet long, to give you an idea of the scale. I'm five foot ten and I can just reach the pullup bar stretched to my full height. I may bring it down six inches so that Ms. Rogue can try it.


It's going to have another corner post in the back right so the main body of it will be rectangular. At the right side of the frame there's going to be a punching bag made of tires hanging from a chain. There will be monkey bars across the top. And other stuff? Certainly some hooks that I can hang stuff from. A friend has recommended that I try some TRX gear and I just got gymnastics rings that I could hang from anywhere on this thing.


When I have a few minutes, I'll start a thread with some of the how-to details. I really don't know what I'm doing but it hasn't been that hard to do. I mean, it's hard work assembling it and lugging lumber into place, but I am a bookish nerd and I've been able to plan it, figure out all the stuff I needed and put it together single-handed.


(And that old fireplace-looking thing at the far left of the photo? That's what's left of an old shed from decades ago. Demolishing that with a sledgehammer is going to be an ongoing strength workout.)

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"We can be heroes"

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So it seems are challenges this round are at odds. I may have to work at stopping your little heist as long as you promise to make it fun. ;)



On the other side of things: Do you want to build me an adult play ground too? That is coming along fabulously and I couldn't be more jealous! 

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Fallaces sunt rerum species et hominum spes fallunt.

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1 hour ago, Asa Pond said:

So it seems are challenges this round are at odds. I may have to work at stopping your little heist as long as you promise to make it fun.


Oh hell yes. Bring it. Does this make me Irene Adler?


1 hour ago, Asa Pond said:

On the other side of things: Do you want to build me an adult play ground too? That is coming along fabulously and I couldn't be more jealous! 


There is no way I'd do all this work except as a labor of love. Also I'm not very competent? So, you know.

"We can be heroes"

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4 minutes ago, RogueLibrarian said:

Oh hell yes. Bring it. Does this make me Irene Adler?


So what you're asking is: 



Absolutely. But I'm picturing more the actual ACD version as opposed to the British Dominatrix if that's okay with you. 

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Fallaces sunt rerum species et hominum spes fallunt.

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7 hours ago, tourennatrix said:

I feel like I really want one of those, but if I show it to the husband he will promptly spin me around and direct me to any of the 3 playgrounds we have within 5 blocks of my house. Dang. :P


Well honestly, just the pull-up bar would take an afternoon to put together, and then that's a toe in the door....

"We can be heroes"

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Ahhh, I am so jealous of that set-up so far! So cool! 

Raptron, alot assassin

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Retreated to my "spare office" across campus to focus on some projects today. No meetings, which means I can schedule in an afternoon gym break, and the students are pretty much gone, which means I'll practically have the place to myself!


Tonight's dinner is broccoli/rice/beans. Tomorrow evening we are heading straight from work to a road trip weekend mini-vacation!

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"We can be heroes"

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Today's workout was Academy bodyweight 3B.


One Leg Romanian Deadlift -- yes, that's really the name of a thing. My balance isn't very good for these, but it was my first go at them.

Inch Worm -- probably bad form, but no problem getting through them

Assisted Chin Ups -- supposed to be x5. I'd say I did x3 half-assed ones in each set, but unassisted. I'm still figuring out what kind of assisted chin-ups/pull-ups work best for me. It'll get there.


Four rounds of the above. Finished with one-armed Farmer's Walk, which I now see why it's considered hard work. I don't actually know how heavy my weight was; it was a long weighted bar in the workout area that I'd estimate was 30-ish pounds. (The other weights where I was were only eight pounds and I didn't want to go downstairs.) I did two rounds of a minute with each arm, so four minutes. Next time I'll grab a barbell so I know exactly how much I'm doing.


Then I tried a headstand! I'm nowhere close to being able to do a handstand yet, but it's fun to try.


These are going to become more effective workouts as I learn the exercises better and don't have to keep stopping to check the videos and instructions.


I can already tell I want to work up some of my own bodyweight routines for different circumstances: when I have bars, when I have weights, when I have no equipment whatsoever. I also want to try suspension gear at some point.

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"We can be heroes"

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Oh, and final notes on today's workout: I did a proper (for me) stretch before and after, warmed up with jump rope and cooled down with a walk on the track afterward. I really don't know how to tell whether I'm stretching well, and I should learn soon.


Afternoon snack: a mug of miso soup.


I'm probably going to fall short of my workout schedule this week due to vacation, but you know, vacation. And week zero. I'm doing really well lately and so I'm telling myself to lighten the hell up.

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"We can be heroes"

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Today's plan: early afternoon run on the gym track. I am still feeling yesterday's workout in my legs, but it's mild soreness and I don't think a light run will hurt me. Indoor run not my favorite, but I'm going to be driving for four hours tonight and I think some exercise before that will do me good.


I'm craving food this morning -- apparently I didn't get a big enough breakfast. I made a pot of coffee just to have something, but I'm falling down on the healthy snacks in my office plan. (I have some soup, but that doesn't appeal at 10am.)


Tonight, leaving for long weekend vacation and I've promised myself that I'm either going to run or do a bodyweight workout one day while I'm gone. Beer to be kept at a minimum, but there will be some beer.


Oh, and I replaced my waterlogged headphones. Soundbot $15 headphones can't be beat. Lightweight, cheap to replace, and my last pair lasted me like three years before I wrecked them. They let some outside noise in so they're good for outdoor runs.

"We can be heroes"

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4 hours ago, Asa Pond said:


De rien, fratello.


Did you just call me "bro"?


Those zombies definitely got run today. Thirty minutes and I only took two walking laps of 1/8 mile each. (My stride length is way off in ZR step count mode, I discovered.)


Things I like about my university gym: Two seriously muscled-up bodybuilder guys apparently meditating between workouts. A seventy-year-old dude playing basketball in the midst of the twenty-year-old students.


My work computer has a virus and has to be re-imaged, so I'm working in a conference room on a crappy monitor and seriously losing any pre-vacation motivation I had left.


"We can be heroes"

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