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Hello from Va

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Hello. I have been following NF for a while, decided I probably should join the forum.

I am a kayaker and mountain biker. The decision to really get fit came after having gaining 30lbs by sitting all summer with broken ribs. My goal is to be in as good of shape as I was in high school 10 years ago.

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EBM what kind of kayaking are you thinking about. Over the years I have done everything from long distance touring to class 5 rapids and surfing. The only time I needed lessons was to learn to roll, a skill which I don't even have anymore. Been doing a lot more what would be considered recreational kayaking lately. Short range out and back trips of no more then usually 15 miles in a trip. I have been thinking about paddling across the Chesapeake bay following the Bay Bridge Tunnel and camping on the Eastern shore then paddling back the next day. ~15 miles each way and crossing 2 major shipping lanes( the part that has me nervous) along with 2 minor shipping lanes.

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