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Broba Fett

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Well I was back anyway.  Gotta get back in the swing of posting regularly. 


I've just noticed this challenge is now over and y'all are on a new one.  I think I'll probably take a month off but try to follow some of y'all to keep up.


Update to close this challenge out:


401.7lbs.  Down 33lbs since beginning of April.


Waist down 2.5" since beginning of April.


Increased Max on deadlift AGAIN to 415 last week and then got a bunch of tips from a champion powerlifter this week who was visiting the gym so fairly sure it will continue going up quickly.


Did a farmer carry with 400lbs total yesterday and then decided I don't need to wait till nearly august for my first competition.  Doing it July 10th at a competition in Strasburg, IL.  Fiance is also competing.


Feeling good about life. 


I may start a new challenge in July starting off with the comp and following through the aftermath.

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