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Arrow's shot at redemption


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Alright, I am setting more than the suggested goals but this way if I don’t complete one hopefully I can complete the other one.


-Meal prep once a week

-Eat a vegetable with one meal every day


-Run once a week at least one mile outside hiking for work

-Stretch 3 days a week


-Remember to take all my meds for my stomach ulcer

-no alcohol for a month (doctor’s orders)

-Work on writing

-Week 1: sketch out concept

-Week 2: start writing

-Week 3: edit/add detail

-Week 4: polish it up

-Buy a membership to the archery range so I can go practice!

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7 hours ago, deftona said:

Hi Arrow, you have a broad range of goals here addressing all the important areas of fitness. What is it you're writing, may I ask? 


Have a great challenge! 


I am doing a fanfic writing challenge on Tumblr for Supernatural. It's nothing special mostly an excuse to sharpen up the writing skills!

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Update! So I decided to start last week but I only started about halfway through the week so here's what I managed to do.



I prepped a bunch of veggies for easy quesadilla things I love and it was awesome because I worked 3 double shifts over the weekend/today and I was totally exhausted when I got home. So this knocked out both my food goals, whoo!!



I did not technically get a run in but earlier in the week a dog got lost on one of my hikes at work and I had to run back to the car with all 10 dogs and it only took 10 minutes to get back when normally (hiking at a very slow pace) it takes about an hour to walk/hike so maybe that counts? Otherwise I had an IUD put in and was really not feeling up for it after that. 

I did manage to stretch twice and considering I didn't give myself a full week I'd consider it a win!



I haven't missed any meds yet but I am slowly turning into a demon, my tongue has turned black from all the pepto-bismol they have me on, I am waiting for the Winchesters to show up at my door to fix me.

I haven't had any alcohol, probably the easiest goal I set for myself, I hardly drink anyways. 

I have started writing my fic and depending on how I feel about it at the end I might add a link to it if I like it for those of you that asked. 


So I did pretty well on my extra 1/2 week, it gave me a good idea of what I might struggle to get done so I can focus on making them a priority. Overall so far so good!

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Great start, Arrow! 


26 minutes ago, Arrow said:

I did not technically get a run in but earlier in the week a dog got lost on one of my hikes at work and I had to run back to the car with all 10 dogs and it only took 10 minutes to get back when normally (hiking at a very slow pace) it takes about an hour to walk/hike so maybe that counts? 


Did I misread that, or do you have ten dogs?! That must be a lot of work! 

It's the hyperman set

Profile picture credit : NF's resident super artist - NinjaKitten

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Just now, deftona said:

Great start, Arrow! 



Did I misread that, or do you have ten dogs?! That must be a lot of work! 


You did not misread that but I should have clarified! I work for a dog hiking/boarding company so for my job I take up to 10 dogs at a time out hiking. It's crazy and fun but stressful at times. Last week one of the dogs was wearing a cone of shame on the hike and he got lost so I spent 30 minutes calling for him, I think he got disoriented with the cone on and couldn't find me cause of the way it funnels sounds :(


When I am not out hiking, I am in daycare surrounded with pups, sometimes up to 60 dogs but luckily not alone cause that is WAY too many to handle on my own.


That video was not taken at my work but gives you a good idea of what it can be like sometimes!

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I have managed to keep up all my food goals so far but I might be stretching the vegetable part (pizza with green peppers counts right?) I actually had a streak of writing at the beginning of the week but I lost some motivation the last couple of days. I am now done with my meds! I will have to call my doc and see if I need a follow up appt but I didn't forget to take them, whoo!!


I have been having some problems sleeping the last 2 or 3 days, I keep waking up at odd hours and am unable to fall asleep for a bit. Yesterday morning I woke up at 5 am (didn't have to be at work until 8) went outside hopped the fence into the bike place next door just because I could, thought I was going to get caught, ran back and went back to sleep for an hour. It almost felt like sleep walking and this morning was weird too. I woke up a 1:30 am wandered around my apartment for 30 minutes and then woke up at 7 (felt like shit and I didn't have to be at work until 1pm) read for a while and fell asleep and woke up at 10. Both nights I didn't go to bed until ~12:30 am. I usually require 7 hours of sleep to be functional and it definitely had some effects at work today. :ambivalence:


My exercise hasn't been as great, I keep forgetting to stretch but only one left so I will do it later tonight. My extra run was supposed to happen tonight but as I started I found a lost dog and brought her home and managed to find her owner. I figure a good deed compensates for the run! 


It's been a strange week. 

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I forgot to mention that when I reunited the dog with her owner, the owner wrote me a check for $500 (appartently she had a reward listed on the poster). Now I feel a little weird accepting the money BUT I have been meaning to buy a bike since mine was stolen out of my yard last year. SO my plan is to give $100 to my friend that helped me cause I love her and it's her birthday tomorrow and then use the last of the money to buy a bike and the left over is going into savings!! I don't plan on getting a super nice bike but I want one that won't completely fall apart on me and that I can maybe do some mild mountain biking with. With that in mind...


Two new goals!

1. buy a bike in the next week

2. bike to work on regular (non-hiking) days!


I am so stoked. Where I used to live was pretty inconvenient for biking around town but my new apartment is right next to the junction of the two main bike trails through town and I will be able to bike just about EVERYWHERE!



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Nice! I'm jealous of you for living near a solid bike path. We have one close by but it is blocked off in places because of construction and the open parts are just covered in fine dirt and sand from the construction so it is suuuuper scary to try and bike on.

Also good on you for finding that dog! :D bet you made that dog and their family's day ^_^




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Today was super productive! I went to work and I was hiking today so I did roughly 3.5 miles before 11 am. Then after I was done dropping off dogs, giving baths and uploading photos to our website I went home and passed out on my couch for while. My sleep schedule is still really weird but getting a little better so I had to go do something so I wouldn't fall asleep again. I went and did some errands and ate out for dinner (not too proud but it happens). I made the mistake of having caffeinated soda with dinner and I was WIRED. I decided to go do my run since I hadn't gotten to it this week. 


I extended my 1.1 mile loop and it was probably somewhere between 1.5-2 miles by the end but I wasn't even tired so I walked around a bit trying to decide what to do. SO, I walked down to an old track by the river and ran/walked/sprinted another mile around the track and it felt AWESOME. I forgot how much I love sprinting! Then I walked home and stretched and cooled down. The whole workout took me about and hour and half, I also paused to sit by the river for a bit and soak up the scenery. I just did a rough estimate on google maps and total it was probably around 5 miles! 


Then I was still super motivated so I did a bunch of dishes and made tea and worked on my fanfic for a bit. I guess moral of the story is to watch when I drink caffeine! I also seem to be reacting a lot stronger to it than I used to, but I have also been drinking it a lot less


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Oh wow I have been forgetting to update! Week 3 went great. I forgot to eat veggies one day but I did plenty of running and stretching and generally kept up on all my goals! I finished my fanfic last week for those of you who wanted to read it: Here


Week 4 so far:


I GOT A BIKE!!! I am so stoked, I am waiting on a nice ulock I ordered off amazon before I take it out. It's sitting in my apartment and I keep staring at it and it almost feels like love, haha. I haven't gone running yet this week but I have been out geocaching twice! Geocaching is the best, we (my friend and I) adventured up north to find a cool one we heard about and went to some places neither of us had been to in years. I know I live in a beautiful place but HOT DAMN western montana is so gorgeous I can't get over it. We went to a bird refuge and the national bison range, it was awesome. I am sure there is other stuff to update on but I can't think of it right now!

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