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What up, NFers?

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Finally had some time tonight to sit down and read through the "3 Missions" Mr. Kamb was kind enough to send my way, and I think I'm hooked. Or at least motivated enough right now to follow through and sign up on the forums.

Well, let's see. A little about myself. 28 years old. Just got married in October (absolutely love my wife). I'm currently training for the Tough Mudder (in May up here in Minneapolis) and overall, I just want to be in better shape. I'm tired of gaining 20 pounds, taking off 20 pounds with dieting and cardio, gaining 20 pounds again because I get lazy, and the cycle continues. I love lifting when I can, but I hate the gym. Too many stupid people there that just get on my nerves. So I've been trying the at home thing with running and my PowerBlocks lately. So far so good, but I know the diet has to change drastically to see the results I want.

How I stumbled upon NF: well oddly enough, I tried to P90X about a year ago and made it through the whole thing (ignore the diet portion) and never saw gains. I still after 90 days of "Bringing It" couldn't do a single pull up. Why you ask? Well, I ignored the diet, and I didn't ever try and improve on what I'd done the previous week. I just went until things hurt and said that was good enough.

So I've recently but trying to figure out how I can get better at pull-ups and stumbled upon this article Can't do a Pull Up Yet?. Oddly enough, it may be the best article I've read simply because it got me to read more on this site. So far, I love what I see.

So, now that I've rambled on and on about random crap that most of you don't care about, I'll wrap it up! Hope to be here for awhile, give input where I can, and grow stronger with the rest of you.

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Wow.. you look eerily like my buddy who is also doing Tough Mudder with me. Haha... I know Warrior Dash was a blast last year, but pish... a 5k anyone can do. A 10 mile race is an accomplishment.

Haha! Remember, Tough Mudder is not a race. It's about the community and helping everyone finish! Train hard, even the toughest guys at the end were freezing, shivering, and absolutely beaten down.

Also you'll notice a sign at the 3 mile mark saying, "Warrior Dash contestants exit here"

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