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Hey all. I'm the new lady on the block.

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Hello everyone!

I'm new to these parts. I'm not exactly how I stumbled upon NF, but i'm pretty glad I did. Anyway, I'm KT and after reading up on here, I realized I have no f'n clue what i'm doing! You see, i've been a gym rat for years. A cardio bunny too (ooooooh i know....i know). After having the mentality (and apparent bad advice) that you must do 3 sets/15 at a moderate weight, i'm not exactly sure how to lift heavy! Not that i'm afraid to, just, well what set/rep should I really be doing? I want to change my ways because I got burnt out and I want to make working out fun (and efficient!) again.

Also I should note that I signed up for a 'lent-off' fitness challenge through a local tv show. Winner of the challege is whoever loses the most body fat from Ash Wednesday (2/22) to Easter (4/8) wins a weekend trip to a local beach resort. Not only do I want to win this, but I also want to rock a bikini there :victorious: It should also be noted that i'm doing Atkins too (please, no naysayers or negative comments - I know what works for me, thanks!) so I've got the diet thing down.

Can anyone recommend what I should be doing in the gym for best results? The help is so appreciated!!


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Hey! Welcome! Read some of Steve's info about working out, and check out the Barbarian Strength Guild for great discussions on lifting. Some programs that have been recommended are Starting Strength, Stronglifts, and New Rules of Lifting for Women (which I am currently doing).

Good luck!

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ohai! welcome :)

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Thanks - I did a little reading and made a plan of my own (i found on the resouces page - how to design your own workout!!)

It's attached if anyone wants to look at it.

And yes, 20 lbs is a heavy day for me (i'm weak :sulkiness: plus i'm afraid of going tooooo heavy too soon). Ok, i'm not afraid of the heaviness - i'm afraid of the soreness which pretty much stops my workout plans completely :(

Workout chart.pdf

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Pick a program that you like: http://startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/The_Starting_Strength_Novice/Beginner_Programs

I'd recommend the Practical Programming Novice Program

Edit: Don't be afraid. You're going to experience soreness the first couple times either way. Get strong. Get sexy.

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Get strong. Get sexy.

Yes - this absolutely!

It's ok to start out light. In fact, it's better to start out light and make sure you have the proper form than to load on a bunch of weight and have shit form. That being said, (and of course this is my opinion only), at these weights you should add weight each time you do your workout - while still being safe of course. Don't be afraid of what your body can do; it's pretty amazing.

And yes, the soreness will come. BUT it will be the soreness of being AWESOME.

Level ? Half-Dwarf/Half-Amazon Warrior

STR:21.25 STA:15 DEX: 10.95 CON: 14 WIS:15.5 CHA:17


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