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Montclare plays with the Mountain


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Hilary calls forth her alter-ego Montclare Swiftjoy to bring this Ranger journey forward to new heights.  Gains from previous challenges will be sustained while new challenges await. Achievements from the last challenge included adventure, new skills and lots of play. Why mess with a good thing?  This challenge will be more, more, more ....


1. Community - Every good ranger needs companions but I must learn to be a good friend to earn the trust of the epic adventurers in my guild.  This challenge I will become more involved in the community by reading and commenting on a minimum of 10 ranger challenges each week.


2. Nourishment - Awareness is the key to change.  Home prepped meals for the win - no restaurant meals 6 days out of 7 plus I will drink minimum 2 full pitchers of H2O each day.


3. Movement and skills - I will begin trail running 3 days per week. For strength I will do body weight workouts and dumbbells 2 days per week as well.  


4. Adventure - Expanding possibilities - Each week I will do at least 1 new activity that I haven't done before.


In addition I choose to level up 3 out of the 4 activities that I tried during the last challenge.  Namely:

storytelling - Level 1 - wrote origin story (completed). Level 2 - work at writing my posts in story format (this challenge)

sketching - Level 1 - took a sketching course (still in progress), Level 2 - complete a daily sketch or drawing (this challenge)

bird watching - Level 1 - took a bird watching intro course (completed), Level 2 - go bird watching at least once a week (this challenge) 


Onwards and upwards ...

Challenges: 1, 2, 3

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Heyoo, fellow Ranger!


'Swiftjoy', may I just say that is a great name? It sounds lovely. :3


Arriving rather late to your thread, but *sets up cheering stand and waves some pom poms* hopefully everything is going well? Bird watching and drawing are both great activities. Anyway, best wishes for Week Two and the rest of your Challenge! :D

Matthew 25:34-40

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