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Crossfit Games: The Open

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The second half is pretty much our 3 minute AMRAP from the Jack and Jill. Saw that part and got happy. 


Yes!! very happy about that, just have to concentrate on the DU, I know I can do well.


DUs are the only movement that actually makes me angry.


I may have thrown the rope once or twice haha


I hear you, I had quite a few markins last time :hororr:

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Oh well, I totally f'ed that one up.


I had to:

Find a gym that would allow snatching

Talk a gym owner into letting me film in his gym


With the above falling into the "easier said than done" file.


And then I forgot that someone else needs to be in frame- and my iphone stopped recording at about 3:50 into the WOD.


So, I will be lucky if I get any credit on this one.


Unofficially, my score was 262, but I only completed 124 on film. I might go again tomorrow, but I doubt it. I know I can improve on 262.

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Wow, am I glad to find this discussion! Thanks to This is Seth for sending me to this thread.


14.1: double-unders have been my nemesis for a while; about two weeks ago I took them on in a Quest and have made great progress. I rocked 14.1 -- my goal was 3 rounds, I got 4 full rounds for a score of 180! That put me at the 43rd percentile in my Masters Division, so I was quite happy.


14.2: Fortunately, I took on c2b pull-ups in a prior quest, so while I'm not strong there, I'm at least competent. I can definitely get 10, even if they aren't unbroken. (And they might be, at least for one set.)


But... I can't OHS yet! Help! Today's WOD: OHS clinic. The Open is forcing me to up my game; I'm afraid that 14.2 is going to crush me.

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Man, this open. The movements are things I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy, If I could do them. :-( I miraculously got 104 on 14.1 even though previously I had only done 15 DU in one day previously. Now onto 65lb OHS :nightmare:  I've been working on squats for this open, but don't think I am there yet. My previous OHS was 45lb to parallel and 55 maybe to parallel. Not sure as I didn't have anyone to verify. Hopefully I can do at least one. If I can get one I'm hoping for 3.

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I did an OHS clinic today and I'm in trouble. Got some singles and doubles at 45#; maybe got one rep at 65#, but I'm not convinced that I broke parallel. How am I going to get a rep at 95# by Monday!?



  • shoulder mobility -- so the barbell drifts forward as I come down into the squat
  • shoulder stability -- hard to keep the barbell in a stable rack which then exacerbates any forward drift
  • shoulder strength -- shoulders ache from holding the barbell up in that rack

I do think I'm strong enough to get one rep -- power snatch is 125#, BSQ@265 and FS@205. But I don't get the technique at all.



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Being able to drop into a complete OHS is not something you learn over a weekend, it's a process. And if you're only training a power snatch, you're not putting enough effort into learning it. 


The overhead squat is quite possibly the best test of full range mobility. You need ankle, shoulder, hip, and back range of motion to properly sit down into the full depth squat. 


Places to start : back to square one with mobility. 

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Being able to drop into a complete OHS is not something you learn over a weekend, it's a process. And if you're only training a power snatch, you're not putting enough effort into learning it. 


Mini rant time. I love stuff like this. It's not uncommon for people to ask me how they can learn to snatch x lbs 35,000 times by next weekend for whatever stupid competition they signed up for. It's even better when the weight is higher than their current pr. My advice always involves suggesting that they ask someone who knows the score before shelling out $75 for some competition run by incompetent hooligans. I just like that the open is exactly like that this year. HQ cleared $4 mil so 50% of the participants can find out they are one of 100,000 people that can't to chest to bars. l.o.l.


Also, this post was mostly an excuse to post this pic of Castro. Not even sure if anyone will remember why this is hilarious.


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I did 14.2 last night and it is no joke.  I got through the first 3 minutes, but just barely.  A few reps into the round of 12 I had to drop out because of a massive headache.  I'm going to give it another go on Sunday.  


For recommendations, go at your best pace.  If you push too hard, you'll have to break your reps too much and won't progress.  If you go to easy, you won't get under the time limit.  Evil WOD is evil.


For those of you who don't necessarily have C2B, focus on getting a big kip, like as big as you possibly can.  That'll make getting your chest up easier.  


Good luck guys!  Here's hoping y'all get good scores.  :)

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