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Weight Loss and Illness

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I have been struggling with my weight on and off for years. I only have 10lbs to loose and I know for some people that might not be enough to worry about but for me it is beyond frustrating. 

For the last 3 years, I have been significantly unwell, this has impacted my digestion of foods and means I have been everything from slightly unwell to bed-ridden. As a result, my body is bloated and larger then where I am comfortable. I have been trying since the start of the year to loose these few kilos and get on top of my health and not only am I still not well, but I still feel fat. 


The worst part is that I know that I shouldn't worry as I am in a healthy weight range and my body can do more now then I could before, as in this time I have achieved a range of fitness goals that I never thought possible. Yet, I cant shake the thought and desire to loose weight. 


For the last 4 weeks, after finally getting the okay from my doctor, I have been fully paleo. This has always given me the results I seek in the past yet this time, nothing is happening - measurements arent moving, clothes dont fit still and I still feel gross. I know intellectually that I need to trust the process, but emotionally I am struggling.


I don't know what else I can do? Any suggestions on how to remain positive during this process? 

Skye Rose - Seeking Balance 
Current Challenge


Inspiration and genius--one and the same. - Victor Hugo

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I have read your entire post. Weight loss is a process during which the unusual weight or fats from human body can be removed. The key to weight loss and wellness is not by starving yourself or pushing yourself through painful exercises. There are countless weight loss solutions available that keeps you going. Being an dietitian, I have understood your problem. In order to lose weight, increase metabolism rate, skin-hair care, and most importantly to get the clear bowel movements, I would suggest you to take Nuez De La India , Which is a raw and unprocessed nut. It helps a lot to solve almost all your health issues and make you feel better and lively without any harmful effects.


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So, I was stuck in kind of a similar situation (although I'm unsure what your current health issues are). I've been losing weight, but really slowly, and plateauing is pretty common. I've been adjusting my calories to see if I can kickstart it a bit. Just small changes here and there. I'm also weight training while losing weight, which makes it extremely difficult since muscle is denser than fat.


A couple things to think about:

- You're working with a pretty complex system, balancing calories and nutrients and fat/muscle mass and activity levels (on top of health issues!). And with normal body weight fluctuations, it's hard to sometimes see the progress. Measurements aren't for the short run, they're for the long run over time, so this is just one part of your journey, and much like a hike it's good to have different incline levels throughout the process :)


- Maybe check your Base Metabolic Rate / calculate what your calorie intake should be, and compare it to what you're eating on average. Maybe you're not eating enough so you're too far below your needed calories and your body's holding your metabolism hostage, or maybe you're eating more than your activity level warrants. I spent months tweaking this, and none of it's a specific science, so it takes time to see if a change is working.


- Plateauing means your body is comfortable maintaining your current weight at that activity/calorie level. Even if it's not what you want right now, it's actually a really good sign, because it's practice for when you're done losing weight.


- Maybe look into alternate variants on when/what to eat and how? I don't know if your health issues have food relationships, but maybe looking into glycogen deficiency training if it's something you feel you can do could help?


Either way, it looks like you've got some really good progress under your belt already, and things may take time to hit your goal but you're doing pretty darn good :D


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