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Subsequent experimentation


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This is my second posted challenge.  Did pretty good in my first one, I think I'm doing well with the workouts, so I'm changing the focus to a more experimental lifestyle challenge.  One goal will be to absolutely NOT skip a workout since my stupid brain tried to get me to skip two of them this week.  I report success as I did them both, but come on brain!

So goals:

  • Drink 60 oz of water daily.  I am still chugging the last 10 oz at night - not cool.  I want to get a better flow (ha!) with this.
  • Do NOT under any circumstances skip a workout! (current schedule M/T/R/Sat)
  • Be 5 minutes early to my desk at work every day.
    • I have, sadly, been getting later and later to work.  It makes me feel horrible but apparently not enough to change the behavior because I am pretty burnt out right now with my job.  I hate when people are late, I hate that I am doing this and its quite unprofessional.  So goal time!
  • Complete 2 of my CEU courses for my license.
  • Work on the horse's attitude - I know its vague...Its an experimentation in progress with her currently (is it Spring heat? too much grass? soreness? need for more ground work?)


A couple of these will be difficult so this a tough challenge.  Annnnnnnd I just realized that I committed to showing up 5 min early tomorrow...on a Monday.  Oooof.

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So, my brain starts Sunday afternoon...

Brain:  Let's skip cardio Monday.

Me:  uhhh, no

Brain:  It will be Monday....and you already pledged to going into work early!  Isn't that enough challenge for a Monday?

Me: Huh, that's a good point...Mondays...wait!  NO

Brain: You HATE cardio Monday.  C'mon one skip won't hurt...

Me: UGH...you are killing me brain!


That makes the last 3 workouts my brain has tried to sabotage.  I've been so proud of this schedule too and how much better I feel.  What's up with the brain throwing in tricks now? 

I did my cardio this morning.  It was hard - my quads were very sore, I was slower than usual - but I did it!  I defeated my brain.

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Thanks @ironmeg   I needed all the support I could get yesterday.  It was a rough day at work too.  But thanks to a couple peeps I felt really accomplished yesterday even though it was a bit shorter workout.  I was early to work, I drank my water and I worked the horse.  She continues the spooking much to my dismay, but didn't seem sore, so I could move that one further down the reasons list.

I did my workout this morning, no issues.  For some reasons my brain enjoys the Tuesday workouts.  Only Tuesdays though!  I'm hoping for a better day work wise.  My back is sore and tight today even after working out, so we'll see how the day goes.

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Mine tries to trick me, too, when I'm still sore from another workout. But usually my DOMS go away fast, when I do some walking or any other light exercise. So I'm convincing my self to do it anyways.

Keep on fighting. =) And of course have some fun, too.

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Thanks for the support guys!  Have been 5 min early every day to work - and while this takes away time from me - I feel a lot better about myself, so total win.  I'm meeting the water goal too.  Yesterday, I tried riding and most of my body was sore and tight - not what you want on top of a 1,000 pound animal.  I cut the ride short, which she loved!  Rested when I got home and ended up having to abridge my workout this morning - but at least I did a workout (take that brain!). 

Work has been quite tough this week, so I'm concentrating on those goals and making sure I do them - it helps me feel better about all the other crap.

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Love the challenge pun!

I made it in early every day for work and drank all my water although yesterday was difficult to get all the water in.  I did not skip a single workout despite my brain trying to get me to skip 3 out of the 4.  Bad brain!  I was able to work on the horse - despite my back going bad again.  Sooooo, a really crappy week at work and I stayed on track!  I'm pleased about that. 

I need to clean up my eating again - there have been too many opportunities for sugar lately (my downfall) and I have been eating it.  I mean - cupcakes from scratch?  Homemade coconut cake?  Double chocolate cake?  Mmmmmm.  I did turn away cookies, donuts and candy.  And of course my brain loooooves the sugar.  My goodness, if I listened to my brain I'd be in BIG trouble.

Haven't looked at the CEU courses yet, which I need to do, but I'm off to my brothers all day today.

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Whew - it's been super busy.  Ok, I helped build a fence this past weekend.  That worked out some muscles - but I didn't count it as a workout!  I still did my cardio Monday, but because of the soreness from fence building the day before, I did a low intensity.  I made all my water and workouts - the water is going a little easier.

Twice I was only 3 min early to work instead of 5.  Still a win, but it's blowing my stats! :glee:

Been able to work with the horse too, despite my back acting up and a slight cold I now have (stupid colds) and it's getting a little better.  Still haven;t even looked at the CEUs.  Those courses require you to sit down for several hours.  Blah.


Bonuses this week - got my small veggie garden and my new flowers planted with hubby's help last night despite feeling ill.  Also was able to research some financial moves and start them rolling.  I am proud that I'm hitting most of the goals.

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Thanks @ironmeg!  I'm trying.  @owlet I'm feeling better now - man how I hate being sick!  And the horse is doing a bit better!  :)

So, I think it's been 2 weeks already!  I have drank all my water and completed every workout.  In 10 work days I have been 5 min early 7 times and 3 min early 3 times.  So early every day but only 70% goal completion.  Oops.  Luckily for me, Wed-Mon this week don't count as I am off to a mini vacation!  So if I get my butt in 5 min early today, I can up that stat to 73%.  I'm bringing the CEU materials to the vacation, so I plan on doing at least one course while off.

My horse had been a bit better and I took her on a trail ride Sunday.  There was an extremely scary and menacing yellow helium filled balloon in the corn field.  I mean, according to her, this thing had PLANS!  We were able to work through it and go past the horse-eating balloon up to the open fields.   On the way home, the yellow balloon was much less of a threat - apparently it learned its lesson.  So that was a win on the horse riding!

So, all in all, looks like I'm progressing ok.  I'm really hoping to solidify some new habits in this challenge period.

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There really should be some sort of government warning on those!  WARNING!  Will eat horses!  lol


Well, I'm up at the lake and the water intake is a challenge - not what I thought would be hard!  Had a rough day yesterday - bad muscle soreness and bit of an issue with some meds (I forgot to pack my most important one - D'OH).  Today, I was able to do my workout, no issues.  So, still haven't missed a workout - got to do 2 more while up here, so we'll see how it goes.


Walked up to the rec center to try to do some CEU courses....there is an older lady in here watching TV though, soooooo, I'm on NF!

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So, I couldn't concentrate at all last night with the TV blaring and did not complete any courses for CEUS.  I'm up early today and walked back up to the rec room.  I just scored a 100% on the wrist an 95% on hand tendons!  WOOT! 

And BAM!  just like that a goal is met!  That is 4 CEU courses down this year - one to go.  Now, to relax and enjoy 3 more vacation days.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Lets see, are we on the last week already?  Here is my summary through week 3:

  • Water - this is one is still a struggle some days.  I'm getting all of it in every day, but the chugging at night needs to stop.  How many times can one person get up to pee at nihgt?
  • Have hit every.single.workout.  YAY
  • I'm at 73% for being 5 min early.  I have been early every day, sometimes only 3 min tho.  Of course last week, I only worked 2 days, so that was super nice!
  • Got those 2 courses done.  BAM!
  • Horse - we conquered a yellow balloon!  Ha!  Still working on this one - it's a work in progress.

Well, I'm hoping not to lose all my relaxation today as I return to work.  Wish me luck!

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Ok, here's the challenge wrap-up! 


I got the water goal - no problem.  Still often chugging a bit at night, but I have consistently drank 60 oz for 9 weeks now


Skipping workouts - did not miss one!  So 100% completetion on 4 workouts per week.  Funny tho, my brain was STILL trying yesterday, the last day of the challenge!

Brain: C'mon, you are beat.  You were legit in bed at 7:30 last night

Me: Yeah.  I am tired...

Brain: Exactly!  And you haven't missed a workout yet, so one won't hurt.

Me: True!  I've been doing so well, it would be like a reward...

Brain:  YEAH!  Reward!  Lets go lounge.

Me:  Wait a minute.... ARGH!  We are working out NOW.


I did not meet the 5 minutes early goal.  Out of the 15 work days I had in this challenge, I was late once by 5 min (Fri - misplaced purse), 3 min early 3 times, 4 min early once, and 5 min early 10 times.  So while I was early 93% of the time, I was in 5 minutes early 67% of the time.  Much lower percentage than I wanted.  Good news - believe I broke the habit of showing up a couple minutes late daily.


Complete 2 CEU courses - DONE!  And done on vacation, so BONUS points there! :)


Horsing around - we did ok on this.  She is a little less cranky, I'm a little more consistent and we are working on new things.


So, I'm looking for goals for the next challenge.  I know I want to focus one or two on work - just not sure how to phrase them.  I mentioned some burn out with my job, so I have been looking.  Not sure the goal should be to apply for another job (I don't want a worse job or to apply just to meet a goal), the goal couple be to look twice a week or talk with my boss about possible changes.  I'd love any thoughts.

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Well done on battling the brain and winning! I always think our brains are the hardest opponents to overcome, they know the best way to convince you afterall. And that's great you broke the habit of getting to work late. Even if it you didn't get there 5 minutes early as often as you like, you've set things in motion and can build on the habit now :) Talking to your boss sounds good, and looking at other options. Maybe do some good old brainstorming and work out what what you'd like in a job. 

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Thanks Owlet!  No idea what I do want in a job - ok, technically not true - I don't want a long commute or super long hours.  Other than that - I have no clue.  I have been working a long time now, I think I'm getting tired! ;)

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