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It all started with vodka.

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December 2010. I was at a Christmas party hosted by my niece, and I was very drunk. And at my heaviest weight ever. I didn't feel bad about that. I thought I looked pretty good for a 38 year old woman who didn't really exercise, and since every other attempt at weight loss had been an epic fail, I thought this was my body's "happy weight." But I wasn't happy that I knew I wasn't fit.

At that party, one of my nieces' friends was showing photos on her iPhone of the upcoming Warrior Dash. Whoa. Running through the woods, climbing over all kinds of crazy-ass obstacles, crawling in mud and leaping over fire?! And they give you a viking hat at the end of it? And a beer? Holy crap... it's like they custom-designed an event just for me! I always fancied myself a bit of a badass, and I'm obsessed with vikings and celts and I'm pretty sure I was a pict in a past life.

Amazingly, the next day, I remembered the Warrior Dash. After heading to the mall for my surefire hangover cure (Auntie Anne's jalapeno pretzel with cheese dip and a diet Pepsi), I googled the Dash. And it still sounded like fun, except that I couldn't run one tenth of a mile without becoming a wheezing mess.

Long story short (too late!) I started the Couch to 5k plan, found the website MyFitnessPal, and started to get my ass in gear. Got EA Sports Active 2 for the PS3 and a set of 5# dumbbells. I lost 25 pounds by June, and kicked butt in the mud run. Sooooo much fun!




Since then, I switched from the 5# dumbbells to heavy lifting, and kept up with running, even winning a couple of medals along the way. I lost ten more pounds, then switched to maintenance mode, and gained a few pounds while getting smaller. I no longer give a damn what the scale says, because I'm going to be 40 in June and have a cuter bum than I did in my mid-20s.



Next on the agenda is winning a trophy in a race, which is going to be a long term goal since I'm recovering from a fibula stress fracture at the moment and can't go as hard, long or fast as I want (which sounds dirty now that I write it down), and being able to do a real unassisted pull-up. I'm so close I can taste it. I started with 70# of assistance in July, and now I'm at 10#. I figure if I didn't have a head, I could do it. But if I didn't have a head, I wouldn't care.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Hey! Pretty sure I have seen you around MFP :)

Your thing about not having a head made me snort my coffee a little bit....

I think it would be totally awesome to do a Warrior Dash but right now I'm focused more on strength training, and I don't have the time/energy to do both at once.

Welcome to the Rebellion! And awesome, awesome pics!

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Welcome! I love warrior dashes and can't wait for my second later this year. Great work!

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Welcome ... that's one nice series of photos. I'd show them to my wife but I'm sure I'd get in trouble for it somehow. Particularly like the cat checking you out in the last shot :)

Doing my first warrior dash in June and looking forward to it.

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Not sure if it was buzz or woody that said it though.


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welcome to the community! your story is totally inspiring and really reminds me that, in order to make fitness a part of your life, you gotta find something you actually get excited about. mind if i ask how tall your are out of curiosity? i've been considering taking the dreaded bikini photo lately and your collage has just given me another push in that direction. glad you're here!

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Welcome! Love your warrior dash photos! You definitely have bad ass down! And great progress! Kudos!

"I'm just going to remember to not eat like an asshole most of the time" - MoC

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