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Ion Aurum (formerly Jonny Gold) Starts Anew

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I'm not going take too much time write something clever here.  I'm just going to say that I faltered for some time and fell into anxiety-ridden funk and allowed myself to wallow in sloth and gluttony.  That is no longer the case.  Today I embark on the journey once again, ready to face and conquer the challenges before me.


Here is a link to my first(ish) treasure hunt: relighting the ancient torch

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Ion Aurum 0th Level Viking Monk

STR 0 | DEX 0 | STA 0 | CON 0 | WIS 0 | CHA 0

"Prepare for victory! Our minds have been awakened. Rid your life of tyranny. We are The Resistance." - Iced Earth's V

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