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Choosing my first class

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I am starting nerd fitness this week. First a little description of myself. I am 5' 11" and I weigh 131.6 lbs. I would like to add weight and muscle. I do not know how much weight to add and I do not know which guild is best for adding size. I assume warriors are the best for this. Perhaps any guild help me accomplish this as long as I am eating enough calories? Is any one guild designed to add weight in a shorter period of time? Can anyone help point me in the right direction? 


King Regards,



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Well since your new (unless you've been on the forums before), try the Rebel group this month! It will teach you the ways of doing the Rebellion ways! (Hopefully be the most efficient to reach your goals) The best group for starting off, but you're not restricted to having to stick in just that forum. Go to the Warrior group and find people who have similar goals, or ask around in their guild chat. Look around, and I hope you find people with very similar goals.


Give you luck!

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9 hours ago, Ninjagamer said:

I guess I'm gonna be a rebel for now


Welcome to the site, and hope you have a great challenge!  The rebels are the perfect place to really jump in, without worrying about over doing it!


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