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Definitely a treat. I'm a total perfectionist so I don't like the connotations of "cheating". Treats are within my guidelines so it's not cheating anyway! ;) (says me who just had an absolutely delicious meat pie for lunch at my weekly scheduled bakery meal! But they're going to have soup out next week so I can get that instead. :) )

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15 hours ago, Butternut said:

So I've got a question... Do you call it a "treat" or "cheat meal" when you decide to go off your diet?





As much as I like to get it right, every damn day, I don't. And I probably don't need to in order to eat well. Averaged out for a month or a year, treat meals aren't throwing us off our plan and they are there for a reason. Some days just need to be relaxed. The positive view of this relaxed moment makes it easier as you avoid the shame that comes with accusatory statements to yourself.

The Way

Better Now than Back Then

Better Now than Later On

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