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Spring, Rebirth, Respawn


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She's back!


Let's just say the Slayer has been dealing with some ramifications of old wounds. You survive a battle, you're golden, right? Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I've discovered over the past couple of weeks that just because a battle is over and a vamp is dead doesn't mean you're finished fighting. As it turns out, some wounds go farther than skin deep. Around a year ago, I finally slayed a Master that had been looming large over my life. It's only been recently that I've realized how much I'm still letting him affect me, so now, I have to intentionally work through getting back into my Slayer groove. So, naturally, time for a new 4-week challenge. Thanks for the support, rebels!


Health goals:

  1. Get back into my morning routine. I was doing yoga every day for a while and I was feeling amazing. Then I stopped. My ultimate goal is to get back into doing it every day, but baby steps, right? I'm going back to working on doing yoga three times a week. Now that the weather's finally getting nicer, I want to some of them outside whenever possible, and in the morning, whenever possible. My days always go better that way.
  2. Take control of my eating habits. I did a Whole 30 and it was completely amazing. I felt awesome, I looked awesome, and I felt totally in control of my relationship with food. That has deteriorated significantly. I want to eat 10 Whole 30 compliant meals a week -- again, it's a baby step. I'm going to do another Whole 30 next month, but it's actually harder to do half in and half out!
  3. Work more movement into my days. A friend recently challenged me to a "Workweek Hustle" on Fitbit, and I'm realizing how few steps I'm getting. My goal on the app is 10,000 steps a day, but since I've been averaging closer to 5,000, I'm going to go in the middle and say 7,000 is my goal for the challenge. Oh, and hey, if you're on Fitbit, let me know and let's connect!


Life goal:

  1. Remember that "fictional" guide I'm writing? I'm taking a step back from that, but I am working on an actual, practical guide to taking control of your life. I'm an obsessive reader of productivity and life development books and blogs, so I figured I should put all that knowledge to good use. My goal for this challenge is to get the guide finished and launched, and to get five people to buy it. Starting small so that I can go big later!


I can't tell you how much I appreciate the support. Anything I can help with? Let me know! And I'll keep you updated with the ebook as I go!


Keep kicking vampire ass!

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Had to look up Whole30 and it looks good.

I like your intro and will follow along.


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Last week got me off to a rough start. I did zero yoga last week, partially because I got sick over the weekend, but also because I just slacked off. I didn't even keep track of how many compliant meals I ate last week -- some, but I don't think I hit 10. I hit 7000 steps on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday -- Mondays are always the easiest because I have dance practice.


On a positive note, I did get pretty far with my guide! I'm really close to being done drafting the content, and then it'll just be formatting, edits, and getting it out there. It's looking like it'll be around 10,000 words. I set up a challenge for myself to go along with the ebook launch, which you can check out on my blog here.


Luckily, it's a new week, which means a new chance to do some ass kicking. Vampires beware -- the Slayer approaches.

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Slayer Druid

"Welcome to the Hellmouth."


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Current challenge: Slayer Hits the Books

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Hi Chloe/Slayer


Glad to hear your book is coming along :)  How exciting!  


Hope you are feeling better after your bout of unwell-ness.


Go kick some vampire ass!! :D

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