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Hey I'm Bellatrix

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Like the star in the constellation of Orion not Helena Bonham Carter in HP :)

I've headed over to the rebellion for a few different reasons, the first one is that I love talking with like minded people it helps me stay focused and motivated. I was over on MDA but I can't keep up with the traffic over there it's way too busy for me.

At the end of last year I made a vow to myself that I will end my year better than I started it and so far I'm coming up roses :) I started 2011 struggling to keep my weight under control, I'm a bit of a shorty (158 cm's) and was getting quite heavy, I resembled some sort of dumpling and my clothes just got tighter and tighter. I tried running and although I saw an improvement in some areas I wasn't losing weight and I was binge eating. Come mid year I found a lump on my chest that turned out to be early stage breast cancer, so surgery happened and then I ate myself into a food coma, whist reading about nutrition and cancer etc.

I decided not to have any other treatments after surgery and went on a sugar detox (which included grains) and found more and more evidence that diet was a huge component in the cancer.

After the detox I discovered the primal way of life and have found a pretty comfortable fit with it (I have even managed to convert my little children to it, but not the husband). I work in a womens gym and work out weekly with a pretty awesome trainer, who has me lifting heavy weights but I don't have any heavier to lift so I am thinking of joining the gym down the road and going it alone, joining a mixed gym is a big step for me.

So anyways, I have lost most of the weight I had hanging around, my legs have slimmed down from heavy squats and deadlifts, I have rocking arms from my desire to one day be able to do pull ups and chin ups but I still have too much fat around my middle. I currently have about 26% body fat and I'd like to drop that to at least 22-23%. So here I am ready and eager to tackle the world :)

BTW functional strength rocks, I had to change a flat battery in my car the other day, this required me to climb on top of the car (which is actually a 4wd) squat on the bull bar and lift the heavy $%#^er out, then climb down and carry heavy battery to other car, I am pleased to say I completed the mission and shocked my husband!

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