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Hi, Im Bill. 


A bit more than a year ago I started on this crazy little boat ride we call fitness. After a few missteps and false starts I found Nerd Fitness and CrossFit. I became a devout Ranger and fell in love with the functional fitness community. Everything was roses untill about a month ago. Two of my closest friends and training partners quit our gym for personal reasons. I tried to keep going regularly but I just wasnt having the same kind of fun I had thrived on. Then out of the blue my work schedule changed and I could only go maybe twice a week. I was no longer getting my monies worth out of my membership. Lame.


This prompted me to quit and try something new. After some soul searching (and some Google searching), a few at home workouts, and some financial balancing, I decided to build my own garage gym. At first I wanted to make a space that I could do CrossFit on my own. low celings and a limited budget made that impossible. Calisthenics seemed like the way to go. Ive built a rig in the back yard for pullups and dips. Ive boarded up one wall for handstand practice. Ive built a plyo box because why not. Ive even been practicing parkour vaults and rolls. Its so much fun and the heaviest thing I have is a kettlebell.


I guess this means Im not a Ranger anymore. Thats cool. I can be just as proud to be an Assassin. Or maybe a hybrid class? What would you call someone who does bodyweight work, dabbles in parkour, runs mud runs, rock climbs and backpacks, and still competes in CrossFit when work allows? For now Ill just call him Me. 


Be excellent to each other.
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