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I'm the most overweight I've ever been. I'm embarrassed. But I'm going to put my measurements on here for my start and every check in. I think it will help me immensely.


Weight: 246 lbs     Neck: 15"
Waist: 50.5"           Bicep: 14"
Hips: 51"                Thigh: 25"        Bust: 50"


This is going to be a battle log for me to get my health and my finances in order.


My first goal is to get below 200 lbs. When I reach that target, I'm going to reward myself by going to a rock climbing class. The gym is 3 hours away, and my sister says she'll go with me. It'll be a ton of fun.

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I signed up for a dietbet! I have to lose 4% of my weight by June 15th to get my moolah back! It's about 10 lbs, bc I weighed in at 246.

I've been at lifeguard training this week for work and I feel much better about myself, a little more optimistic.:)

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I'm at 241.2 lbs, so I'm halfway there on my diebet. I have 11 days to get the rest of the way.

I've been doing research and am thinking of trying a ketogenic diet. I have food that doesn't fit that right now and not enough money to replace it. Plus I can't leave the park cause I'm on call all week. So I'm going to start with it on Saturday. I'm going to use MFP to track my macros.

Along with that, I'm going to slow start back to running and do the academy's bw program. Tomorrow will be day 1 of a run for 15 minutes plan that I've done before. I used it then bridged to a 30 minute plan, then a 10 k plan. I'm also going to plan out my workouts for the rest of June and put them in my planner. I'll post a pic of my planner when it's done, Tomorrow.

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I lost 7 lbs, but I did not win the DietBet.

I started with the ketogenic diet. I went over on carbs the first day. I haven't missed any of the workout days on my planner. On the 14th, I was at my guy's house, so we took the kids bowling. Then I did yoga with the little one instead of walking & stretching as planned.

I've moved into a house and can cook now. I'm thrilled. I'm going to nail this diet. As long as I can stay away from all the snacks that the front desk manager brings for everyone.

I decided to give DietBet a second go. I think I can do it,especially without the frustration of having to eat out for nearly every meal in a restaurant with a limited veggie selection.

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I was active during July. I did the bodyweight workout off & on, but moving, the new park, and all that, I let interfere a little too much with working out & eating well. But now, I'm (hopefully) stationary for quite a while. I've got access to some great resources, and I'm really motivated. I think August will be great fitness wise. :)

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I'm done moving for about 2 years, maybe a little less.

The last couple of months have been busy: a new home, a new job,  and a completely different area of the state (huge geography change).

I've started out with good intentions nearly every week, but bombed.  I think I'm finally getting a good routine down and getting settled into my spot. 

This last week I have stuck to every scheduled workout.  I bought the rings and handstands class,and am determined to keep it out of the underpants pile and use it.  I'm going to post my last week of workouts and then log semi regularly.  I still have no internet and crappy cell service, but I'm getting used to the work arounds. -_- Kinda.

Thurs., 27 Oct.

Set up my bat cave, did NF yoga


Nothing cause my family suckered me into a 3 hour game of phase10. It was great. :)



2x10 bw squats,  2x8 knee pushups,  2x10 bodyweight rows at about 45 degree angle


Handstand stuff, yoga



3x10 good mornings, 3x5 wall walks, 3x:20 one leg balance each leg,  3x8 wall slides, 3x:25 planks, handstand mobility work incorporated into warm up


Handstand work for about 10 minutes


I've also walked at least half a mile every day,  usually more. I'm doing fairly well on eating. I'm not doing keto anymore but I am trying to keep my carbs lower. Just aiming for a calorie goal though.


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January 1st I was back up to 246.8
January 7th I started Nutrisystem.
I've been walking my puppy for about 20 minutes a day most days, some days longer, and some days not at all because it's cold and wet.
Jan 23rd I started going to the beginner's fitness class at the local gym on Mondays. I went again last night.
I haven't measured recently.I plan to tomorrow morning, but I'm down to 233.7, so I've lost 13.1 lbs and have started to enjoy being active again. This past fall, like November, I started taking an antidepressant. I think that has helped me a lot.

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I did measure. I was thinking they were the same as I posted on the first post a long time ago. But they're not. So I'm going to record them.

These are from the 31st of Jan.

Weight: 233.2 lbs     Neck: 14.75"
Waist: 50"           Bicep: 13.5"
Hips: 50"                Thigh: 24"        Bust: 48"


I've been thinking about goals and having something to train for. Deciding on something to train for is harder than it sounds because I like to do everything. Which, that in itself is something to train for, being able to do whatever whenever. I want to be a good martial artist, but I feel like I need to put that on hold until I can find a class I can attend. :( So in the mean time, I need to come up with a new goal, to give me drive on my fitness journey. Then, when I find a class, I'll be in good shape!  So I really thought about it, and I think if I ignore the "Yeah, but you won't ever be able to do that" in my head, there are 3 main things I'd like to be able to do well.

I want to be a good rock climber.
I love obstacle races and want them to be easier (because I'm stronger, not the race sucking).
Climbing the highest points in every state in the contiguous  US  is already sort of a goal, but some of them require actual REAL mountain climbing (I'm looking at you, Rainier.) So I want to be able to climb Mountains, like Mt. Whitney, Mt. Hood, and maybe even add Denali to the list.

I think these 3 goals fit together very well. Some of the mountains will involve rock & ice climbing. And all the obstacle races I've ever heard of involve climbing. I don't get to climb often because the closest climbing gym is 2.5 hours away. But there are lots of exercises that can help prepare. So I'm going to look into what I need to train & strengthen, and then use some of the advice & info from Never Gymless (and probably from people on NF) to figure out what I need to do. I know it's been so long since I've worked out that right now, just about anything will be better than nothing. I know the obstacle races require running, so I need to keep that in mind.

And I'm putting this here to read later:



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