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Kiki Dee's Weekly (ish) Log

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Well, one week into my journey and I think I've started out ok, considering I got whacked with a flu bug halfway through the week!

Sat 7th: First workout. No clue what I was doing really. 15mins on the elliptical (love it!!! It's like running without joint impact!), then pottered around with various weights (machines and dumbbells) - all low-weight, high rep. Got up a sweat but muscles didn't exactly feel worked. Oh well. More weight next time.

Sun 8th: Worked 12hrs. Big shift, nonstop. Squeezed a 5min lunch in but no healthy choices left at the caf - ended up with schnitzel and chips, not ideal!

Mon 9th: Work. Husband at meeting til 7pm, dinner = sausages and a pile of veggies. Kids happy! Post-dinner workout: 15min elliptical, mixed up the exercises a little, upped the weight a bit but still low weight high rep. Left with a slight ache but still not feeling "worked". Decide to go home and start googling "how to design a weights routine". Discover Nerd Fitness and a less catchily-named but very useful site on beginner weight training. Discover have been doing pretty much everything wrong! Resolve to switch the plan on Thursday.

Tues 10th: Work + study. Husband sick, ok myself. Meat + veggies for dinner.

Wed 11th: At this point I started coming down with the bug! Made it through work and managed to get to samba anyway. Yay me!

Thu 12th: Really regretting working out the evening before!!! Not able to participate in daughter's dance class. :( but I do at least get her there! Managed to get a lamb, lentil and all-the-veg-nearing-use-by casserole in the oven. Tasted pretty great! Which is good as it's the last thing I've been able to actually taste since! Exercise completely out of the question, running a fever!

Fri 13th: Laid up on the couch with fevers/headaches all day. Kept children alive, fed and happy. Achievement!

Sat 14th: Still feeling rubbish but after some decongestants manage to walk down to the gym. I'm a kilo lighter than last Saturday, yay! Really enjoying the elliptical warmup but am on a time limit so drop it to 10 minutes. This time I drop my reps and up my weight, and refine the workout into push (chest press), pull (row), squats (well, seated leg press as my back feels so unstable on a true squat), ham/glute/back (deadlifts), and abs (Roman chair straight leg raises mid-workout, plank at the end). Yes!!! Finish workout wobbly, feeling that I literally could not have done one more rep on any exercise! (In fact I didn't quite reach my target on some of the later sets). Start prepping lunches for the next week (chicken breasts in the marinator). Bought containers for said lunches. Bought a zipup hoodie for getting to and from workouts. :) Took baseline pics. Watched Age of Ultron in the evening. Wasn't impressed. :(

Sun 15th: Still sick. Blergh. But on the plus side, my whole body aches with DOMS, but I'm still functional. :) Just bought a stack of meat and veggies for the next week. Excited about the week ahead. :) 


On reflection: The big glaring hole in my physical routine is flexibility. I need to start stretching. I think I saw something about beginner yoga somewhere on this site... will head over there! And will post my baseline pics when I get home.

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Thank you!  Go hard or go home, right?  :)


This is a totally gratuitous self-boosting post so I can read back later and remind myself that some days it's just worth sucking it up and working out!


Total pain of a Monday at work.  Started at 7.30 as usual (I was on time today, go me and my newfound motivation!), one team member sick (who I had to arrange cover for), back to back clinics, and the afternoon clinic was overbooked and didn't finish til almost 6pm (2hrs late!).  Bleugh!  And then I had to go over my midterm assessment with my training supervisor.  All good, but didn't end up leaving the hospital until 6.30pm.  Day made worse because my DOMS from Saturday's workout (where I finally found my groove) has not really settled yet.  Thankfully gorgeous husband had collected the children, fed the baby and was putting him to bed just as I got home.  Baby of course lost the plot as soon as he saw me, and I ended up cuddling him off to sleep for the next 15 minutes while husband and daughter started dinner.  (OK, I won't lie, it was a very nice cuddle!)  My back is killing me, and the very last thing I felt like doing was going down to the gym to work out.


But I did.  Took some painkillers to get the back into submission (enough to work out, anyway), went down, and went through my whole program.  And now I feel so much better.  :)  Even managed to put some petrol in the car, sans children!  Winning!  And both husband and I ate home-cooked lunches that I prepared yesterday, which tasted totally awesome if I do say so myself.  :)



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OK, today is HARD. The DOMS is settling down and work was a total breeze. I've been sticking to my dietary plan really well - lunch and dinner both paleo (meat + lots of veggies), breakfast I enjoy a slice of fresh home-baked wholemeal bread followed by a banana. (I have no intention of giving up my homemade bread any time soon!) I'm pretty sure the volume of food and caloric intake is perfectly reasonable, if slightly below what I'm accustomed to.

Today I am STARVING. Except I'm not. My stomach is telling me "yep, I'm full, no problem here!" My brain is screaming that it is tired and starved and I have a killer headache. Grabbed some nuts from the caf mid morning but it really didn't help. I feel exhausted and cranky (ok I'm always cranky, but even more cranky than usual!). Is this a short-term consequence of dropping my carb intake, or am I just having a rotten day? (In honesty dinners are not hugely different, except we've stopped doing pastas and rice which were probably 3 meals a week. Lunches are a huge change, they were previously sandwiches or pasta, every single day!).


Urk! I'm still going to dance tonight though. And dinner (cooking now) is still paleo. :P

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Depending on what your diet was like before, if there was a lot of sweet foods or high carb, then yeah it's like coming off an addiction.


Good news is it only takes about 2-3 weeks for the cravings to go away, and about 10 days for the body to adjust it's energy sources. Just remember it's good to have carbs around the times you train or do physical activity, otherwise life will be hell.


Mood swings will happen though. Human bodies tend to be resistant to change early in the piece and they tend to protest.


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My diet was pretty healthy (which is one reason I was so cross I was still the size I am!) but it was a healthy Western diet.  I had already cut out nearly all refined sugars, overprocessed foods, etc... but every lunch was based around either pasta, bread, or rice, and dinner always had pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, or all of the above!!!


In the past two weeks I have had *no* pasta, *no* rice, and limited my bread intake.  Potatoes have been eaten, but only a couple of times, we've been swapping them out for veggies with a better nutrient profile.  It seems like a small change, as everything I'm eating now I was eating before too... but the proportions are seriously different.

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Carb flu is a thing. Yes you are coming down off an "addiction" so will probably have the nasty, stoopid side effects, but the results are so worth it.


Drink plenty of water and keep your snap lock bag snacks handy. Swapping out convenience is a pain in the arse, but with a bit of prep it does get easier. 


It's all good:eagerness:

Wait! What............?

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I find fasting occasionally helps me. I don't mean anything crazy but I'll skip breakfast and my first meal of the day will be lunch. I've been doing that on off the last couple weeks and it really helps me feel better. I tend to be more alert through the day as well. Just a suggestion.


You still drink your water though, and coffee is allowed :P


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13 minutes ago, TaylorFit said:

coffee is allowed :P


Well that's lucky, cos in my life, coffee is pretty much mandatory!!!!!


(I generally drink it black with no sugar, thankfully haven't had to change that!)

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39 minutes ago, Kiki Dee said:


Well that's lucky, cos in my life, coffee is pretty much mandatory!!!!!


(I generally drink it black with no sugar, thankfully haven't had to change that!)


I found once you start drinking coffee just straight for a few weeks it tastes horrible with anything added in to it.


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One of these things is not like the others... :(


Made up a lovely bolognese tonight. (After all I was craving spaghetti!) Husband and kids had spaghetti. I had my bolognese over zucchini. :/


Actually it was not that different! Which came as a pleasant surprise! :) 

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Planned weekly update on Sunday was viciously derailed by poor baby boy's emergency admission to hospital.  :(  Not going over the details again here, it's in my challenge thread, but suffice to say I am very glad he is no longer so dangerously unwell.  He's getting much better and is sleeping soundly in his cot.  :)


Right.  Where were we?


Mon 16th:  Ate paleo lunch and dinner.  Worked out, even though feeling like rubbish.  Post somewhere above.  Winning.  :)

Tues 17th:  Ate paleo lunch and dinner.  Should have done yoga but waited like a fool for husband to get home so we could do it together.  Next time will just do it!

Wed 18th:  Ate paleo lunch and dinner.  Dance practice!  Dance teacher commented on my physique changes.  Felt chuffed.  :)  Didn't dance great though - our temporary studio doesn't allow any shoes, and I have difficulties with unshod workouts (plantar wart makes it hard to get up on the ball of my right foot).  Noticing a distinct improvement already in fitness level/leg strength.

Thurs 19th:  Ate at a bakery for lunch.  That is going to happen every Thursday until the end of the dance term!  Dinner was paleo though.  Worked out (weight program).

Fri 20th:  All meals mostly paleo.  Dinner at the club with my mum.  :)  Awesome Atlantic salmon... mmmmm!!!!!!  No exercise.  Fell asleep before my daughter woke up.  Noticing that my alcohol tolerance has abruptly plummeted - two glasses of wine and I want to go to sleep!!!  I wonder if it's the lack of carbs, the caloric deficit, or something else?

Sat 21st:  Met new PT, Jaimee.  Discussed goals, did baseline testing.  Discovered I'm 2kg down on baseline - yay!  No actual exercise though (unless you count the 5 min test on the treadmill, which I don't!)

Sun 22nd:  First actual workout with Jaimee.  Got absolutely slogged.  Winning.  :)  Healthy breakfast of eggs, mushroom and spinach.  Then baby got sick and we had to rush him to emergency.  Admitted to hospital for the night.  No lunch, dinner was takeaway.  You do what you gotta do.  Barely slept a wink, neurotically watching my bubba all night.

Mon 23rd:  In hospital most of the morning.  Greasy breakfast from the hospital caf (ham, cheese and tomato toastie on French bread... went down a treat after my sucky night I gotta admit!)  Healthy lunch (leftovers from the fridge), healthy paleo dinner (meat and roast veg), cooked lunches for the rest of my working week.  No exercise.  Fell into bed at about 7.30 and slept like a rock.

Tues 24th:  Worked, while husband stayed home with Little Man, who is doing much better.  :) Managed my favourite breakfast (the scrambled eggs, spinach and swiss brown mushroom combo) and took a nice stirfry from home for lunch which I reheated and scarfed in the five minutes before my theatre list.   :)  Discovered during the morning that I'm actually feeling rather sick too!  Rotten cough and raw chest.  Blergh, that makes two respiratory infections in three weeks!  Knock it off already, winter!!!  Steak and veggies for dinner (3 meals paleo!), then went down to the gym for a workout.  Skipped the second cardio burst but got through the rest and left the gym 1 minute before closing!  (Whoops, new regimen is a little longer than the old!)


I think weekly updates aren't working well for me.  I want to update more often and it's hard to remember back a week (though if I'm honest right now it's hard to remember anything before Sunday's events!)  I think I might aim to update every day or two for a while and see how it goes.  After all, this thread is for me, right?  :) 


Also going to document the new training regimen Jaimee has me doing.


Warmup:  5-10mins, my choice.  (Elliptical, obvi!!!  <3 <3 <3 )

Leg presses:  Doing these on a funny machine where I'm sitting/lying with my legs up on a plate at about a 45 degree angle.  It probably has a proper name.  I should find out what it is.  Probably an "inverted leg press" or something equally imaginative.  Machine alone = 50kg, I'm adding 20kg to that at present.  8 x single leg presses each leg, 15 double leg presses.  Rinse and repeat, 2 sets total.  The doubles are crazy easy at this weight, the right leg feels ok at present, and the left leg is struggling but getting there.  As I need to use the same weight for all 3 exercises, it can't go any higher at present.  Pick up your game, left leg!!!  You're bringing the team down!!!

Cardio:  3 sets:  500m at maximum intensity on rower (GASP!!!!  DIE!!!!), 30 seconds rapid step-ups (When I did BodyStep, I never would have imagined this could become a recovery period!!!!!).

Chest:  Incline dumbbell chest press x 15, pushup (knees) x 10.  Rinse and repeat (2 sets total).  Using 5kg dumbbells at present, could probably lift more but my technique isn't perfect so will sit and work on that before looking to lift more.  I am relatively new to dumbbells so technique does need a polish!

Cardio 2:  5min elliptical, 30sec sprints with 30sec rest between.

Back/Shoulders:   Low row x 15 (machine setting 3), lat pulldown x 15 (machine setting 50), seated dumbbell shoulder press x 15 (3kg).  Repeat for total of 3 supersets.  All of these could probably go up but will try same weights again on Thursday then r/v with Jaimee on Saturday.  (OK, I will be honest.  I upped the low row to 4 tonight...  It was just too easy otherwise!!!  But I did lose form on the last two reps.)

Core:  Carloff Press(?spelling), 3 x 10 each side (machine setting 2 - this aggravates my back at a higher setting so will need to strengthen and work up gradually.  What a great exercise this is!  I can't believe I've never done it before!).  Opposite arm/leg extensions from tabletop, 3 x 10.  Will add in more as core strengthens.



Despite absolutely smashing this out on Sunday under Jaimee's supervision, I wasn't terribly sore on Monday.  (In fact the sorest part of me was my back from the not-quite-ideal bed I was sleeping on at the hospital!)  I have noticed today I'm a bit tight/sore through the pecs where they insert out laterally, and through the glutes.  Nice not to be too achey!


Goodness me that's a long post!  And it's getting late - 11pm!!!  That's way past my bedtime!  Nighty night all!


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Good to see Son is doing better. Never fun having kids admitted to hospital. I have 2 prone to lung infections and pneumonia, and even at 19 years of age admitting a Son can be horrible.


Already over winter and it has only just kind of started. Only 6 degrees C in my workout shed the other night! Brrrrr! :)

Wait! What............?

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Haha, I'm in Canberra.  It's getting a tad chilly at night here too!


Well, I didn't make it to dance tonight.  I was keen to go, but tonight was not a regular class, it was "full costume, stockings, heels, makeup, false lashes and fake tan for filming".  Which had me pretty uncertain to begin with, let alone after the events of the weekend and now being ill as well.  Then husband didn't get home until 6.20pm so I was caught up with looking after the littlies until then.  No time to tan.  OK, so I film lilywhite... I guess I can manage that.  I pulled out my costume, checked that it fit (it did!  just!!!), found the stockings, put them on (2 layers!), packed the costume in the bag (there is no way I'm driving all the way out to Woden with a sequinned G-string on!), and went to put the makeup on.


Could not find my makeup *anywhere*.


This is in itself not that surprising.  I'm one of those people who almost never wear makeup.  It's strictly a special occasion thing for me.  Which means my foundation is probably in my going-out clutch, from whenever my last "date night" with husband was.  I searched for it until five minutes to seven, at which point I decided that as I needed to be there by 7, in costume... yeah that wasn't going to happen.  :S  Oh well.  I did try!!!  But I can't say I'm devastated to be on the couch in my pyjamas instead of made-up and costumed.  It's been a long hard week!


I did do yoga earlier on today while the baby napped.  NF Yoga Water 2.  Score one there!  The cat bit my face (with affectionate intent, but still!) while I was in cobra pose.  I was unimpressed.  Again, realising why I have never had a good track record exercising at home!


Breakfast was scrambled eggs with a slice of fresh wholemeal bread.  Baby decided to steal half my eggs.  I cannot predict what that boy will want to eat at any given meal!  Last week eggs were THE ENEMY!!!!  I suppose the eggs on Mummy's plate are different.

Lunch was the pre-cooked stirfry, reheated in the microwave.

Dinner was marinated chicken with carrots and broccoli.  :)


And we made Oaty Raisin Biscuits at my daughter's request.  She loves those things.  :)  It's one of those recipes where they say "oh this is a healthy treat for the kids!" but the recipe includes sugar, brown sugar, and apple sauce!!!  Yeah... they are very much a "sometimes food"!!!  I did eat one.  It was delicious.  :) Otherwise, my snacks today were a banana and a few grapes.  (The baby stole the banana so I gave it to him and got another one.  He thought that was ace.)  Three black coffees and two green teas. For some reason I struggled to drink plain water today, odd as usually I guzzle the stuff.  Have had three glasses this evening though.  Not sure what was up earlier.  Definitely let myself get too dry though, judging by the headache.


Overall not a bad day.  Diet was on point.  Didn't dance but did do yoga, and missed dance due to factors other than laziness.  And spent a lot of time playing with the boy, so I'd call that a good use of time.  :) 




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Go team Australia! I'm in middle of nowhere Miles. 4 hours west of Brisbane.


It's good that you got the Yoga in. I find that helps me a lot, especially with stress and what not. And full dress and makeup rehearsals just sounds like a pain in the butt. My wife started doing dance again last year and there is so much weirdness around the dress etiquette even in practice.


Tonight my daughter didn't want to eat her dinner out of the bowl, but she was more then happy to eat it out of the saucepan. Kids... 


Good work on the diet!

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Not a bad day today.  :)


Breakfast:  Scrambled eggs, spinach and mushrooms, with a slice of wholemeal bread.  Mmmmmm.  :)  Baby stealing my eggs again.  :) 

Lunch:  Meat pie at the bakery after daughter's dance class.  :) 

Dinner:  Bolognese, with extra veggies (planning to hit the markets tomorrow so anything in the fridge that looked like it was nearing the end of its' useful lifespan got chucked in!  spring onions, a leek, some mushrooms, celery, a lone carrot, some pumpkin...).  Family had spaghetti, I had it on zucchini noodles.

Snacks:  One of the Oaty Raisin Biscuits my daughter and I made yesterday.  One banana.

Drinks:  Three black coffees.  One green tea.  Lots of water.  Two glasses of really good Cab Sav.  Feeling the effects of said cab sav as we... er... type.

Activity:  Daughter's dance class (parental participation!  surprisingly active!).  Gym workout (as per regimen above).  New PB on my 500m row - smashed the old time by 10 seconds!  (And boy did my lungs know about it!  I am not a very fit person!!!)  Pretty sure I need to increase my weight on some of the exercises but will be seeing Jaimee on Sat morning so will sort it out with her.

Odds and Ends:  Got some laundry folded, I can nearly access my sewing cabinet now!  (now to convince the husband to STOP DUMPING <EXPLETIVE> LAUNDRY ON IT!!!!!)  Bought a yoga mat for husband, and some yoga blocks for both of us.  Bought a vegetable noodler!!!!!!  Loads of dishes.  Bought a Ventolin puffer and spacer, this virus has set off my asthma something fierce and I need to stop stealing my husband's puffer.  :) Daughter has been an absolute dream to spend time with for the past week.  Really lovely.  :)  and it's just so nice to see my little boy nearly all better!  :) 

Tomorrow will be a slower day.  Challenge will be to see if I can fit in some yoga!  I give myself fifty-fifty odds.  :) 

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Well, yesterday was uninspiring.  Let's get that out of the way first.  Crippled with stomach pains all morning, only managed to eat a slice of bread for the morning, and another at lunch.  An apple later in the day when I felt a bit better, then for dinner I had chilli mussels.  (MMMMMM!!!!!)  Being as sore as I was, I didn't manage any exercise at all (ok it was a rest day from a strength PoV but would have been nice to do some yoga while the baby napped!)  Drinks = 2 black coffees, 2 glasses of shiraz at dinner, and lots of water. 


Today is obv only half through but kicking arse.  :)  Had my second session with my PT and absolutely smashed it.  :)  We did a different workout which I'll try and remember for the record:

5 min elliptical warmup

Low squats with 15kg on the red (heavy) bar - 2 sets of 15 supersetted with:

Walking lunges up/down the corridor (about 10m?) with 8kg dumbbells - 2 sets  (Well that was the plan.  I got through the first set ok, but by the second my quads were slaughtered from the squats.  I got down into my first lunge, tried to get up again, and fell over!  Back leg just gave out completely!  Had a stretch, dropped down to 6kg dumbbells, and did the set that way!)

Cardio 1:  30 sec elliptical, 5 slams with 3kg medicine ball, rinse and repeat until final set which was 40 sec elliptical and 10 slams.  Was nice, loosened up the leg muscles a bit!

Low rows on the machine with the bicep handle (first set at setting 3, second set at 4) - 2 sets of 15 supersetted with:

Dumbbell rows - 2 sets of 15, can't remember the weight but it seemed an awful lot!  (probably 6kg?)

Cardio 2:  Cross trainer, 6 x alternating 1 min legs/arms.  This was a killer on my forearms, of all things!

Incline chest presses, 10 x 6kg then 5 x 6kg supersetted with:

Cable-resisted punches (they probably have a different name!), 2 sets of 10 each side.  No idea what she set the machine on.  :) 

Core work:  Carloff/Perloff/somethingoff presses, 2 x 10 each side.  Body raises (no idea what else to call these), 2 sets of 10, "teapots" 2 sets of 10.  These are going onto the end of my normal workout.

Final Cardio:  200m row, max intensity. 

Blessed, blessed stretch.  :) 


Then did the kids' swimming lessons.  Happy baby boy this week!  Home, and we've already had lunch - scrambled eggs with spinach and mushroom.  I made the baby his own scrambled eggs this time, seeing as he's been stealing mine.  He didn't eat them.  :S  Fortunately, his big sister, who said she didn't want scrambled eggs, decided that she actually did, so she ate his!  Baby lunched on rockmelon. 


No idea what we're doing for dinner.  Will have to get out to the markets this afternoon and buy something.  :) But first... shower!!!

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1 hour ago, SevenofSeven said:

Lunges! Set my legs a quivering just reading that! :P


Great workout though. Body raises? If your legs are immobile and you are lowering body from the hips to about 90degrees below legs........hyper extensions? Killer move.




Yes that's them!!! Aren't they hard work??? Loved them! I think they'll strengthen all the muscles I want to be stabilising my poor messy spine! :) 

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OK, updates.  No longer "killing it" this week!  more "have been killed"!!!  :( 


Saturday dinner:  Bolognese (on zucchini for me, on pasta for rest of family). 

Drinks for the day = water, 2 black coffees.  No wine.


Sunday:  Worked 12hr shift.  Worst DOMS Ever.  Quads want me to die, I know because they are trying to make me fall down the staircases by collapsing mid-step.

Breakfast = scrambled eggs + homemade wholemeal bread.

Lunch = beef and vegetable casserole (for something I literally just threw together out of what was in the fridge and dumped in the crock pot overnight, this is totally delish!)

Dinner = reheated Bolognese sauce with more bread.

Snacks = 1 banana, 4 little bite-size Mars bar thingies from The Trough.

Drinks:  Water, lots of it.  2 black coffees.

No exercise, but lots of walking around the birth suite and up and down stairs to and from the ward.


Today:  Worked normal shift.  Still Worst DOMS Ever.  Slightly better than yesterday.

Breakfast = scrambled eggs + bread.

Lunch = beef and vegetable casserole.

Dinner = sausages, broccoli, peas and carrots

Snacks = 1 small piece of chocolate cake sent to my clinic room by my gorgeous husband.  :)

Drinks:  Water.  2 black coffees, 1 green tea.


So even though the pain in my legs is still really bad I decided to go do my workout anyway, I deloaded on my squat press and had to bail halfway through the second lot of cardio.  Some core elements I simply couldn't execute.  I did manage to increase my weight for most of the upper body workout which made me happy.  And for the first time I smashed out my two sets of 10 pushups without taking a break.  Feeling pretty proud of that!  But now my glutes are sharply sore and shaky.  Can't wait to see whether quads or glutes are sorer tomorrow!

Warmup:  5min elliptical

Plate loaded squat press:  machine only, 2 x 8 right leg, 2 x 8 left leg, 2 x 15 double leg

Cardio 1:  500m row/30sec quick step x 3 (all times under 2.20)

Incline dumbbell chest press 5kg 2 sets 15 supersetted with

Pushups (on knees) 2 sets of 10, bodyweight

Cardio 2: elliptical 30 sec sprints, 30 sec recovery - legs failing after 2 minutes, abandoned

Low row: machine setting 4, 2 sets of 15 - good weight, just made final rep

Lat pulldown: machine setting 60, 2 sets of 15 - harder weight, just made final rep

Dumbbell shoulder press:  4kg (increased from 3kg), 2 sets of 15, didn't think my left would make it but you go little deltoid!!!

(These three are usually supersetted but not tonight because there was a lot of competition for machines!  I just took what I could get!)

Pallof Press:  2 sets of 15 (meant to be 3 sets but legs shaking too much) - setting 3 (increased from 2)

Hyperextensions:  2 sets of 10 (whee hello again glutes!)

Teapots:  2 sets of 10, 10kg weight

Alt arm-leg raises:  not able to lift legs

Plank:  not able to get up into plank



I don't actually feel "good sore" tonight.  I mostly feel "bad sore" and hope I haven't actually done my leg/glute muscles any damage that might slow up progress.  :S  Possibly a good thing that it's a week off for dance this week.  Extra rest day on Wednesday.

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