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And so the Abenteuer began at around 7:30 pm yesterday as a matter of fact.



Pushups: 20 reps

Shoulder Press w/ hands elevated to the third step on my staircase: 20 reps

Bodyweight Inverted Rows w/ knees bent: 20 reps

Door Rows: 20 reps



My body is stiff in a lot of places, and my posture is out of whack from sitting, standing and sleeping in bad positions. I did some basic stretches and yoga poses to loosen up after the workout. I'll be stretching every day from now on as a part of my morning routine. 


How do I feel on day 1?: Most excellent!



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Pullups: 3x5

Pushups: 3x5

Shoulder Press: 3x5

Inverted Bodyweight Rows: 3x5



Neck rolls

Wrist stretches

Hanging toe touch

Calf Stretch - I always find the calf stretches feel really good because my calves are pretty tight.



I went ahead and cooked a chicken meal for myself today with vegetables. It was pretty tasty. Drank lots of water, went very light on my serving of ice cream. When I ate out with friends today, I intentionally chose to order a chicken wrap and a side of quinoa salad instead of my go-to burger and fries option. The wrap tasted good, but the quinoa salad tasted quite literally like grass. I'm not sure why it tasted like that because I usually enjoy quinoa dishes.



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For a number of months Wodanier lost his path. He trudged through the woods and valleys, climbed a few mountains and ate whatever he could. Then one day he found a path again. Looking at both directions that it could lead him, Wodanier realized that the path direction to his right would lead him back to so places he had already been. With a skip in his step he set off to the left, feeling grateful for all he had experienced so far. 



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Wodanier woke up precisely at 7 am to the sound of what appeared to be a bird cawing into his ear the sound of an alarm. Remembering he had food to eat, places to explore, people to help, daily quests to complete, he got off his suspended straw mat and set off for the day.


At one point during the day Wodanier got down to it during a free bit of time and did:

Pushups 3x5

Bodyweight rows with knees bent 3x5 

Pullup Negatives (wide grip) 3x5

Bodyweight shoulder presses with his hands elevated 3x5

20 lbs. curls 3x5

Bodyweight tricep extensions off the wall 3x5

Chair dips 3x5

10 lbs. reverse flys

Then he stretched a bit, and it felt good


After the workout a perfectly cooked chicken breast, quinoa and roasted vegetables magically appeared before Wodanier. Some sriracha showed up too. 



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