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Hi! I'm reclariant. I habitually lurk, but it's not often I find a site that impacts my life in such a positive way.

It's been just about seven weeks since New Year. I'm not a huge fan of resolutions, so when I woke up and decided that Now was the Time and it just happened to be the end of the year I was a bit worried that trying to turn over a new leaf in the new year was jinxed from the start.

Worried that I'd be one of the many, many people that make a token annual appearance in the gym at the start of each January.

I found the site by accident wikitrailing something entirely unrelated some time last year- I read up on paleo and thought it made sense from an evolutionary standpoint, but give up potatoes? Bread? No way, man. Not this girl.

January 3 I pulled it up from my browser history. There were pictures of Star Wars Legos adorning the front page. Chuck Norris followed shortly after. This was it. I had found my nerdy fitness guide on the internet (it's even right there in the url). It's not scary, or vapid or anything like any of the other 'fitness' sites I'd scornfully perused before. I tore through the 'Best Of' tag.

Seven weeks on- I've been eating mostly paleo all year so far. I hung on to dairy for a while, but now that's been gone too, for nearly two weeks. I was nine pounds down (about a third of the way to my goal weight) by the end of January and I don't miss bread or chips nearly as much as I feared. Since cutting dairy my constant hayfever has settled down, too.

I read the article about finding an activity that you enjoy doing, and I was sad that I didn't have something like that. The I remembered that I used to go rock climbing up to five times a week, and coached it for four years. I stopped six years when I started playing World of Warcraft and it ate my life. I head-desked for a moment, then called up the old gang. Now I have a posse to climb with three times a week, and for extra bonus points my fiance (who I met in AQ20) apparently also loves climbing. Win!

I went to the shoe shop and tried on some Vibrams on Saturday. Those are insanely comfortable (and insanely expensive in Oz, Whaaat?). I can't wait for my new pair to arrive from the States so I can wear them running. Which is a thing that I do now.

I know for a fact that without finding this site my goals for the New year would have been a complete wash. So, now all I have to do is keep on track for the whole rest of the year. Should be easy, right? Objects in motion and all that. Thanks for the kickstart :D

tl;dr- I really like this site and I hope to be around more :)

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