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My first challenge! I recognize that this is an incredibly late start, but better late than not at all. Besides, I anticipate that I will have these or very similar goals for next challenge or two.


My current epic quest is to lose approximately 100 pounds. I've played the dieting game long enough to know that what works best for me is a keto diet - not only do I seem to be extremely sensitive to sugar and can gain weight walking by a bakery, but when I'm in ketosis I'm not ravenous and constantly food-obsessed. This means of course that I need to keep my macros in a good range and my total calories at a deficit, and the only way to know I'm doing that is...*straightens shoulders bravely* ... to track my food intake. Can I just say that I hate food tracking? If it were just making a list it'd be easy, but there's everything that goes with it...measuring and weighing and then looking up the macros...gah. I've tried a couple of apps like MyFitnessPal and really didn't like any of them, so I'm back to analog with a shiny new pocket-size journal. My goals for this challenge:


1. Record all foods that I eat, every day. I'm not worrying about quantities and macros yet; I'm just forming the habit that if it goes in my mouth, it goes in the journal. 

2. Each weekend, plan and shop for the following week's meals. 

3. Each weekend, prep and pack the following week's lunches & snacks. 


The three goals above are going to take a lot of effort to stick to and make into habits, so my final goal is an easy one that will get me up and moving around a little more during the day:


4. When at work, use the Ladies' room downstairs instead of the one directly across from my cubicle. (No, that isn't all the exercise I'm getting. I have a plan that is working well for now; this is just an "easy-A" goal, so to speak.)



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Hey! My challenge is also focused on food tracking and, by extension, weight loss. Tracking is so infuriatingly useful, isn't it? I use an online tracker that also has an android app. I used to use MyFitnessPal, but the integrated social features irritated me, and this one has a lot fewer steps to enter food.


Tracking doesn't take much time, and I don't even mind the food scale/measuring cups that much...but I still get tired of tracking. It's the only thing that consistently keeps me eating like a reasonable person, though. Ugh.


Anyway, welcome, and kudos for starting your challenge now instead of waiting for the next cycle. I'll be following along!

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6 hours ago, Bookish Badger said:

Thank you both! And Kvedulf, what a terrific bookish badger! He's probably snarling because claws aren't conductive enough to work on touch screens...


And now, for reasons he can't understand, his playlist is stuck on Justin Bieber. That's enough to make anyone snarl...

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On May 24, 2016 at 8:00 PM, Severine said:

 Tracking is so infuriatingly useful, isn't it?

It is that. Infuriating, at least. And logically I know that it is necessary and a useful tool that will help me reach my goals sooner with less guesswork....and my inner five-year-old is still on the floor kicking and squalling "Waaah! Waahhh! DON'T WANT TO!" Shut up, id. Why can't you be more like your big sister, superego?


Ok, check in time (Note: I'm counting from Sunday 5/22):

1. Planned & shopped for week's meals: Failed on the planning part; did shop but without a good plan ended up short two dinners. I'd give myself a 40% or 50% for this week.

2. Prepped & packed lunch & snacks for the week: DONE! 100%

3. Recording all foods eaten: Doing it, 100% so far.

4. Walking downstairs to use the Ladies' room: Doing it, 100% so far.



1. I get out the door a lot faster in the morning since all i have to do is throw a cold pack and my lunch items in my lunch bag. 

2. I like not having to stop at the store on the way home to pick up dinner stuff. I'll be sure to be better about my planning this weekend.

3. Step 4 above has led to several extra flights of stairs in a workday. I've been doing this for a couple of weeks now and am already noticing a difference. I'm still breathing hard when I get to my desk, but I'm not gasping and I seem to get my breath back a lot faster. Win!

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Ah, tracking! I just don't know how to feel about it! I definitely feel that it helps me be mindful about my eating. But I have OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), and I don't really like the part of me that tracks. I already track every purchase I make (also very effective, from a knowing-how-much-money-I-can-spend perspective)!

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I hope everyone in the U.S. had a happy and safe Memorial Day. My 3-day weekend was a little too happy as I blew off my eating plan a few times. *dusts herself off, climbs back on the horse*


Time for a progress check:

1. Plan & shop for the week's meals: DONE. I even prepped some meatballs for easy meatball marinara over cauliflower - ended up with enough for 2 batches so I already have one of next week's meals too :)

2. Prep & pack this week's lunches: DONE.

3. Recording all foods eaten: DONE.

4. Extra trips downstairs: Doing it. 


I'm feeling good about this as we head into the last few days of the challenge. I'm going to keep the first three items for the next challenge, though, as they aren't anywhere close to habits yet.


And I'll add looking up and tracking macros to the food recording portion, so I can start getting a feel for what I'm really consuming and what needs to be tweaked. The weight is coming off (slowly, but I'm lifting enough heavy things that I'm pretty sure it is water and fat, not muscle), but newbie progress won't last forever. I intend to be ready for those plateaus this time!


For my 4th goal, I liked how quickly the incidental movement became part of my routine once I made it a goal. I'll have to come up with something similar for the next challenge.


Cheers, and thanks for all the support!

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Just caught up! Nice job on everything this week :)  


Macros are sometimes a real hassle for me. I have a hard time getting enough protein and I usually end up with probably too much fat. A common split for me in a day is 40% fat 40% carbs 20% protein. Definitely it could be worse (esp. since most of my fat is from stuff like eggs, olive oil, milk, chicken, etc) but it'd probably be better if I could do 30-40-30. But I find if I try to put too many rules around my eating, I get stressed out and end up getting derailed and eating crap. So I go back and forth - should I pay attention to macros, or no?


Anyway I'm rambling. I really like your lunch packing goal and the one about shopping/prepping for future meals. I'm a huge fan of building systems that make healthy food as convenient as crappy food, because that just makes it so easy to stick to goals. 

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I'm another person wondering how the challenge ended up. Post and let us know! And especially post if you're planning another challenge starting on the 12th because I'll want to follow your new thread and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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On June 6, 2016 at 7:16 PM, Severine said:

I'm another person wondering how the challenge ended up. Post and let us know! And especially post if you're planning another challenge starting on the 12th because I'll want to follow your new thread and I'm sure I'm not the only one.


Sorry for the delay and going silent for a few days. This week has been really busy. (and for some reason, I'm not getting any notifications.)


Thanks for the words of support, @Kvedulf! And I think I've mostly shaken the mood off.


I will post to close out this challenge & start the next one this weekend, when I have the time to give it a proper write up.




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Final post to this thread. Here's my wrap-up.


1. Plan & shop for the week's meals. B+

    Aside from poor planning in the first week, I nailed this in the remaining weeks. I can't call it a habit, though, so I'm carrying it over to the current challenge.

2. Prep & pack all lunches for the week. A+

    I did this each week, and it really made life easier in the mornings - just throw a cold pack & the prepped tub o'lunch into my lunch tote and go.

3. Record all foods eaten. C-

    Started off well, but I slacked off in the past week. Not at all where I wanted/needed to be. This is getting carried over.

4. When at work, use the Ladies' downstairs. A+

     I don't even think about this one anymore. Officially a habit!


For those kind folks who have been following along, I'll meet you over at the new challenge thread..... 

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