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Daab Layari, the Mandalorian!


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Originally I was going for an 8 week challenge not really understanding the elements of the challenges, but after having some light shed onto the matter, I've been introduced to a new, creative way to still complete the challenge in the time frame, but also follow along with the challenge dates ( to an extent). So what I'm going to do is during this last week and off week of this months challenge, I'm going to do a two week pre challenge. To basically adjust my lifestyle to this new habit I'm forming, the at the start of the challenge next month, i'll do a 6 week challenge instead of the 4! I think this would be a completely more efficient way to transition into this new lifestyle. OYA!



Main Goal: Gain strength, build upon mental toughness, Improve diet, Become Mandalorian.



Epar Yai'yai [(Eat Richly nourishing) 30pts]

  • prepare and cook healthy meals for b-fast, lunch and dinner. (Some Paleo meals. Meat, carb, Veggie. Bonus if carb is a veggie)
  • Full night sleep. 7+ hours
  • Shop healthier on the first shopping cycle( Which will last me two weeks). Limit/ no junk food. Eliminate fast food. (bonus for healthy alternatives)



Atin'la baar [(Tough body) 30 pts]

  • Complete the first two weeks of Arnold's Blueprint. Post progress & accountability logs
  • Stretch, roll, and warm-up daily.
  • Off saturdays light cardio/hike, stretch, yoga or tai-chi x2



Ramikadyc [(Warrior Mindset) 40 pts]

  • Learn 40 words in the Mando language
  • Do things that suck/ build mental toughness. Commit to workout. Volunteer for the jobs no one wants at work.
  • Build finish upper armor sanding and forming
  • save $100 for the month









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Welcome, I like how you just jumped in and started on the challenge. Too easy to say I'll do it at the start of the next challenge, then lose steam and not do it. COngrats on a good day 1

Wisdom 22.5   Dexterity 13   Charisma 15   Strength 21  Constitution-13

Elastigirl:Luck Favors The Prepared - Current Challenge: August 1 to September 4 - Nerd Fitness Rebellion

"If more of us valued food and cheer and song, above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world" J.R.R.Tolkien

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