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Redstone Crafts a Map & Builds a Well


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ZERO WEEK!!! Man I love zero week. Time for a breather, step back and hit the reset button.


This week I'll be continuing the basics, 3X lift days, cardio and core. For big lifts I'm dialing back until I feel not only solid but also easy for the full 5X5, and today that meant 125# for squats while I work on form. Not quite a de-load, but kinda sorta. I pushed to some big PRs last week, gotta make sure I spend the time working on form and technique.


Zero week will primarily focus on building my spreadsheet (!) = massive research. Basically building a database of exercises broken down by:


A: leg/chest/back day so I can mix up my seconds. (At this point I'm primarily interested in free weights.)

B: Core circuits

C: Cardio circuits

D: Mobility/flexibility

E: Some other fifth thing. probably.


This feels like the beginning of a big project and I'm excited to see where it goes! And of course full challenge details will be added at the end of the week in the next comment below :) ZERO WEEK!!!



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Challenge details commence!!!


This is month two of not cutting, and with a few minor setbacks here and there I'm working towards changing my mindset about under eating and healthy body image. I've gained a few pounds (in terms of where the scale tends to average anyway) but measurements are maintaining in their average so I think I'm on a good course to continue on.


Goals for this month:



Water: In the past few weeks I've noticed trends where I'm not getting through even a little water. This changes now. My goal is 66oz a day and I'm using Plant Nanny to stay motivated and keep track. So far so good.

Con+4 Wis+2


p2BnPA2t.png   itHOK1am.png


Evil Bunny/Mountain Biome: Cardio. Continue cardio sessions  with an added bonus, hiking 1X per week. 2X for B, 3X for an A.

Sta+6 Dex+4




Iron Ingot: Man I want that iron pickaxe so bad!!! Gotta make some iron ore for that. Continue lifting 3X per week.

Str+6 Con+4


0IMPyRtm.png nwKyjPTm.png


Map/Compass: This one has to do with that big spreadsheet I mentioned in zero week. (ZERO WEEK!) Continue adding to it, 1 per category every week to be included in the workout.

Wis+6 Con+4




Endermen: These sneaky little guys know all the moves. Add flexibility and mobility into post workout stretches, include category in the map spreadsheet. Do a few sun salutations in the morning, min 3X a week.





Diamond mini challenge: Auditions are in two weeks so this is a halfling challenge. Read the script at least once. Don't chicken out.

Cha+2 Con+2


Starting Stats/PRs/Progress picts



36y/o female 4'10"

105-108# average from daily

Waist 31.25" - 31.75" average from daily

Nat Waist 28.5" 

Hips 35.25#

Bicep 9.25#

Thigh 19"

Calf 12"


Bench 75#

Squat 145#

Deadlift 175#


I never took a proper before picture because I was so camera shy. I recently found one from a year or two ago that pretty much shows where I was starting from... so, here's my before, and progress from this past week.


SiVd8bum.png   J4bsVj7m.jpg   OCxn5VIm.jpg 



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30 minutes ago, Grizzy said:

I like your shirt! And I'm very excited to see what you might be doing with a minecraft theme...


Tank you tank you! :D think this one will actually make the regular rotation lol



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17 minutes ago, wildross said:

I might actually have to try Minecraft at some point.


If this is the only thing I accomplish today I'll take it as a win. (Perfect way to kill a long flight!! Time behaves differently in Minecraft...)

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Speaking of sort of accomplishing something today, I guess I ought to log this morning's workout. Barely slept something awful, should have had a proper breakfast before going in, and paid the price for not doing so - had to take a candy break after front squats.



1X10 45#

1X5 115#

5X5 125#


~Front Squats~

1X5 20#

1X5 30#

3X10 40#





3X15 DB Military Shoulder Press 5#

1X15 DB Military Shoulder Press 10#

3X15 Reverse Fly 5# (Much easier than last week)

3X15 Cable Hip Abductor 2.5kg

3X15 BW Calf Raises (Taking it down after massive 4 day DOMS last week)



3X15 Hyper Extensions

2 Lap* Farmer Carry 25#

1 Lap* Farmer Carry 25#

3X50 Hundreds

3X10 Leg Levers


*Still trying to figure out how far a lap around the weight room is... if anyone has an app or something they recommend!!


Bailed on cardio for a variety of reasons - 1, I was totally exhausted from not having slept or eaten enough, and 2, I'd like to incorporate more MA conditioning in with these circuits, maybe even dedicate a few per week in the challenge. Planning on looking at that tomorrow!

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17 hours ago, ~RedStone~ said:


This feels like the beginning of a big project and I'm excited to see where it goes! And of course full challenge details will be added at the end of the week in the next comment below :) ZERO WEEK!!!



See it was fate, your original zero week shirt had to melt in the wash so you could make an even more badass one!!


4 hours ago, AugustaAdaByron said:


Going to the gym without sleeping well, I'd probably drop a 25kg plate on my toe by accident or something... I totally haven't done that...



Did you break a toe? I dropped only 6lb baby dumbbell on my toe once and it hurt to put on shoes for a week!

Jǫrð, Delvian Nomad - Level 12 { Battle Log }

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47 minutes ago, Taddea Zhaan said:

Did you break a toe? I dropped only 6lb baby dumbbell on my toe once and it hurt to put on shoes for a week!


No, luckily it slipped from my hands very close to the ground so the force was not too strong on that one!


But I have a black spot on my nail since late October. It was right at the beginning of the nail so I've turned it

into an experiment and wait to see how long it'll take for it to grow to an entirely new one.

Level "I have no clue" Warrior

Current challenge

Battle log


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3 hours ago, elvenengineer said:

Hello! I love your zero week tanks. You're so crafty :)


thanks! I guess if I did it right last time I wouldn't have had to do another... LOL but I like the punk rock!! :P 


2 hours ago, miss_marissa said:

Happy zero week!



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Well, I got my cardio in, though not exactly as planned. Working MA into cardio is going to be a real challenge, something I'll be evaluating in different ways this week.


Started with gardening, weeding and such, and had a nice pile of garlic scapes to snip! May make some pesto with that later :) 


Got a little very absurdly upset about some personal hot button issues after that and went down to train it out of my system. I did get some good form work in and tested my handstand pushups for the first time in a long time (needs work LOL), but all in all I only banked about 10 mins worth of real cardio before burning through the anger. I wasn't mad anymore but kind of drained, so I decided to go for a ruck to clear my head some more. Threw a KB in a knapsack for a total of 16.4# and took the town at a fair pace, lots of inclines and declines for about 35mins. Got home starving and sweaty and eating all the tacos. 


Resting now, could probably have a nap, but gonna keep on trucking with some adulting anime instead, reading over the script a little later on (finally arrived today!) and I guess making pesto? Feels good to be this kind of tired... 




mVxtX04m.jpg  JpdmQ0Cm.jpg





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1 minute ago, AugustaAdaByron said:


Note to myself: Don't check the forum before having dinner! Omnomnom!


*Sets a place at the table for Ada

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1 minute ago, AugustaAdaByron said:

YAY!!! \o/ 


BTW my crock pot arrived at the janitor so I'll pick it up tomorrow and then I'll be setting a place for you too sooooooon!


Oh awesome!!! The slow cooker is so fantastic. And for batch cooking? Fughetabouit!! Can't wait to hear about what you make!!



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oh heyyyy!


how are you already so on point?! it's zero week! ;)

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