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Jonesy's Adventure in Assassining DA style v.3

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On 7/10/2016 at 2:13 PM, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:

Great job this challenge!! 


Thank You!


On 7/10/2016 at 8:07 PM, Cataleya said:

Great job, especially on the CC challenge! Holy crap!


Thank You! I surprised myself with that one. :) 


On 7/11/2016 at 6:02 AM, Asa Pond said:

Great job this challenge! I loved watching your progress! :)


On a side note: I finally managed to go to a library that wasn't attached to my school for the first time ever. I got my first library card and checked out a bunch of books because I was so excited. Why am I telling you this? Mostly because you were a huge influence on me getting there. Thanks for making the library sound so inviting and easy!! 


Thanks and I hope to continue to progress! 


Glad I could convert another to the ways of the library. Haha. We, as in my county have one of the best library systems in NA so I often forget not everyone has the best experiences with them. 


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On 7/11/2016 at 7:29 AM, RogueLibrarian said:


OMG I'M SITTING RIGHT HERE POND it's even in my username *sniff*



Honestly, you're killing the workouts and data tracking, but it's the financial goals I'm most impressed with on your challenge. If I could manage this on a regular basis I'd be so happy. Much respect.




Thank you! I need to do a better job scheduling my workouts but also leaving room for flexibility. This challenge was pretty much fly by the seat of my pants and I need more structure but not tooooo much, if that makes sense. :) 


On 7/11/2016 at 7:32 AM, Asa Pond said:


Hahahaha omg I'm so sorry! 


But actually - I've been in plenty (too many) university libraries so I didn't really need that encouragement. ;) But I've never actually stepped foot in a public library before (I know - it's depressing). 


Also - I have a feeling you would have been a much friendlier librarian than the one who registered me for my card. Talk about meeting stereotypes to a T.


I was never a fan of the college libraries and now they make me think of hours of studying, boo! Talk about stereotypical librarians...Ssssshhhhing all the time at the college! 


23 hours ago, karinajean said:



mostly I love the library, we are always interlibrary loaning books and then when you pick up the books and there's like, books about sewing, third wave feminism, and also the entire Cherry Ames Student Nurse series waiting for you and you wonder if you need to explain yourself to the librarian and you just say something like "oh, I like reading about feminism and sewing." TRUE STORY.


Jonesys! your challenge went so great, and super congrats on kicking that credit card to the curb.




I love my library! So much so, I purposefully return books late so I can give them money! Ok not really I just forget, that's a lie, I just am too lazy to stop one of the 2x I drive by my library. Lol


Thanks! Sticking to my budget has been hard but I'm doing ok. :) 


17 hours ago, Alexandrite said:

I saw your woot story about the no CCs on FB! Congrats again!

Sent by my Navi-powered device!


Thank you! I just need to continue the no cc trend.


5 hours ago, raptron said:

You did soooooo well! 


Thank you, :) 

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Just now, RogueLibrarian said:


I have a colleague with a SHHH tattoo down the side of her index finger.


That is pretty awesome! 


We had a librarian call the cops on some teenagers who refused to be quiet in the study zone. She didn't shhh at all but politely told them they needed to be quit or they could move to another part of the library. She did this 3x before she called the police on them. She was my hero. 

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