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"It's better than bad, it's good"


Or so I try to convince myself.

Long story short. Actually, there's not much of a story at all. Anyways... partly due to both low funds and living in a coldish place (stupid ice), I have been largely neglecting fitness. I reached the point where I decided I should stop being a fluffy cloud and try to transmogrify into something else. At least a... less poofy cloud? Maybe something more stratus-like than cumulous-y. A little more stream-lined... or something.


I'm still not in a position to pay for a gym membership (I miss you, plates and bars!), so I decided to finally make use of my Runkeeper app and started some sort of train-me-to-run-a-5k program about two weeks ago. I definitely haven't been 100% consistent with it so far, but I'm already seeing improvement in pace, not feeling like death mid-workout, and even my waistline.


I've never been much for running, but I'm happy about my progress so far (even if it sometimes feels like it must be a fluke) and look forward to maybe, someday, saying my run felt good instead of just okay. I definitely need to start utilizing resources from around the Interweb to probably get into better warm-up/warm-down/stretching habits, so if you have favorites feel free to share (all none of you that are following so far because I haven't posted this yet >.>).


Wish me luck! And strength... and willpower... and all the other things it takes to stick to a program. Screenshots and such to follow.

Lulu : one that is remarkable or wonderful (it's in the dictionary, it must be true)

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So yesterday was a catch up day. Like I said, I haven't been mega consistent. It may have been a bit silly to see if I could jog for the whole 45 minutes when I knew I'd have to run again today.. and subsequently really didn't want to run today. It took a while to talk myself into it (maybe with the help of a shot of coffee), but I finally got out there and am back on schedule. Somehow I (unintentionally) managed to have most of my actual run be on a downward slope, so that made it a little less grueling, but my calves were definitely tight by the time I was done. It also went fast than I thought it would, so that was a pleasant surprise. Time to rustle up some grub!


Photo Jun 07, 7 29 30 PM.png

Lulu : one that is remarkable or wonderful (it's in the dictionary, it must be true)

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