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Taddea Zhaan and the Gothic Squats


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49 minutes ago, Taddea Zhaan said:


I promise my bench PR is not that high. it was a forced rep. I think my 1 rep max is closer to 80#. I'll be figuring that out soon to plan my new program, so we will see! Part of why i'm not buying more personal training sessions. I don't agree with some of his main philosophies, including forced rep sets. 


48 minutes ago, Taddea Zhaan said:

On the plus side, everything else does feel lighter after you try to push 115# up with all of your will and might. 


Yeah. At the very least, those assisted 'forced' heavy reps are benefiting your bench like heavy walkouts might benefit squats or like rack pulls might benefit deadlifts. 

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Spoonflower: I hates it! All these cute, unique fabrics. And all these dollars they want for them. Oh, the heartbreak! But, I agree, that one was cute.

With JoAnn's new "cosplay" line, they do have some cool nerd stuff. I made a bag for my son's Pokemon league stuff out of Dalek material. (No cool Pokemon fabric, and he loves Daleks.)

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-Oscar Wilde

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This week's workouts are to help me prepare for staring the new program, so I'm figuring out current working weights. 


Sunday Workout, July 10


1x10, 45#

1x8, 55#

1x6, 60#

1x5, 65#

1x3, 65#



1x6, 45#

4x4, 45#



1x5, 45#

1x5, 50#

1x5, 55#

1x5, 65#

1x4, 70#

1x3, 75#


Assisted Pull-ups

85% bodyweight assist, sad face, weak arms

x9, x7, x5, x5, x8



5x8, 10#

I also like to hold at the bottom at the end of each set to stretch my super tight calves and hamstrings


Leg Press

1x8, 150#

1x8, 155#

1x8, 160#

1x8, 165#

1x8, 170#


Plus mobility work on the yoga mat for 15 minutes at the end. 


I can't wait to start the intermediate program next week because my bench and OHP could seriously use the volume work! 

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