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Nightshadow Keeps Building!

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I did pretty well last challenge but need to keep building good habits, so my challenge will be very similar to the last one.

I will be out of town until Tuesday of next week so my challenge will be off by a couple of days.



Bodyweight work - Do Convict conditioning 3 times a week

Cardio - Run 3 times a week


Nemesis Fight:

Cut alcohol out of work nights...again. IT's getting better, about 4 nights out of 5 at the moment. Need to keep going.


Build the Story:

I just finished Level Up Your Life. Amazing, of course. To apply these things I want to start with:

Write My Origin Story

Discover My Alter Ego

Write My Level 50

Begin My Quests:

  • List out 50 goals of varying difficulties
  • Make leveling system for 10 of the goals
  • Add these quests and other info to my LUYL profile


Starting measurements: Weight: Waist:

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2 hours ago, Manarelle said:

Welcome back, how was the trip? Did you find anywhere to get workouts done, or was it not that kind of trip? 

The trip was good! We drove from South Carolina to Wyoming for a wedding, so out of 7 days we were in the car for 6 of them! We should have done better at finding time to do something active, we were just too tired! And it was so hot... I'm excited to get back to it though!

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