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Nicole's battle log: Once More with Feeling

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Here I go again on my own. Going down the only road I've ever known... Every time I start from the beginning, I pick up more than before. Just a bit more sinks in and stays. 


I have the opportunity to start over and to have no obstacles except myself, for 7 weeks! I know that I am my own biggest challenge, but having nothing to add to it will help out a whole lot. Here's the plan: I have reset all my academy quests. I will actively be working on one quest (at least) a day.  I'm going to hop right in and go for 6 workouts and 1 rest day each week. I still need to review the new workout paths, but I'm looking for barbell work to go with my new squat rack in the basement. 


I'm dreading my new starting pictures, but I need to acknowledged where I am now. So, here we go!

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My pictures and scale were not kind, but now I have answers and a starting point. Why do my knees hurt again? Why did I just get winded running into work? Because I am now 20 lbs heavier than my previous heaviest. My poor joints.

So, I have done an episode of Zombies, run! Now, I'm heading to my basement to poke at body weight 1A. I moved! It is progress!

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Slight hiccup in my road. I had pneumonia. I am starting to feel better, so today I am moving a bit more and prepping food. Tomorrow, I am going to try and get in a workout. I'm not exhausted anymore, I just get winded easily. Not the way I wanted to start this stretch, but I'm not quitting, which is something new.

So, I portioned out my fruits, boiled my eggs, and made bacon onion rings. They were awesome!


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