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Jane Eyre is starting a Level 1 Challenge

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7 hours ago, Jane Eyre Is My Patronus said:

Sometimes I think it's great. Like when my POV character is looking at other people. But when it's my POV character's own emotions, it doesn't make sense that they'd be so focused on their facial expression, but I do it anyway. Often becasue I can't think of a way to describe the feeling of a particular emotion that hasn't been used before. (Fiery rage, ice cold fear, etc.)

Inside a POV character you can use so much more to show emotion, just think about what you yourself feel when you are happy vs sad vs angry and such. It isn't purely something that happens outside the body, but a lot happens inside.


Personally, I'm not afraid of using expressions others have used. I almost always write in deep POV, whether it is first or third, and everything I write is that tinted by the POV character. This means if my character would describe what they feel as an ice cold fear, then I'd use the word ice cold fear (although I'm pretty sure I haven't seen that one). So I let the POV character decide which words are used, because using words they wouldn't use just to avoid cliche feels stilted. But that is my personal opinion.


7 hours ago, Jane Eyre Is My Patronus said:

Yes, I know this is the last day, but I'll do a separate post summing up the whole thing.

I will do this too. (Although I ran my challenge from Monday to Sunday, so today is my last day.)


7 hours ago, Jane Eyre Is My Patronus said:

Life Goal: Wrote EVERYDAY! Whoohoo! Sudden, unplanned for character development! Yay? I'll say yay. Yay.



6 hours ago, Jane Eyre Is My Patronus said:

END OF CHALLENGE (If you can, do me a favor and put a bit of mental echo on "END OF CHALLENGE." That's what I do.)

Challenge Challenge Challenge Challenge Challenge 


6 hours ago, Jane Eyre Is My Patronus said:

Final Grade: (If you can read that in the announcer voice from Mortal Kombat, that'd be cool.)



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Introduction (where I started, May 2016) ~*~ NF Character (dormant)


 Progress as a Nomad: Battle log where I do my own challenges

Useful posts on my battle log: Useful Links and Travel Schedule, Future Challenge IdeasGoals for 2017 as a whole, Assorted Goals (not on rotation), Elements W1D1, Last Quarter Goals

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First off, I just want to say that I followed your instructions about the mental echo and it was very enjoyable. Made me grin :D


Secondly, congratulations!! You just spent 30 days working toward your goals and doing a better job than you would have sans challenge. No matter what Thomas has to say, you have to admit that's a positive thing and takes you in the right direction. When you set up your next challenge, make sure to post in here so those of us following your thread can find it.


We are all in your corner. And this lion is in your corner:



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Hey lady you rocked this challenge! Great job! It was an honor to follow along in your battle bog and see all your success! BOOM. 




@Severine, between the two of you, your gif game is on point. 


Looking forward to what you come up with for your next challenge. 

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