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Akuyo becomes a father

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1 hour ago, Akuyo said:

Thank you everyone for the well wishes. He is here, has been for about 6 hours now. He weighs 7lbs (almost 8) and is 20.25 inches. My pictures are too big to post one though, so will try to get one soon.


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Week 2 has been fun. My diet has derailed for now. I need to mow. Chores have been halfway done? Lol. It's been a rough week goals wise. But I knew it would be for now. He is pretty cute. Hoping I can find a good way to post a picture soon . Will look into it later today. 


On the good news side of things I hit my TRX class Tuesday and have been playing a good amount of water volleyball. So at least I have been somewhat active . But I also bought The Taken King for Destiny and have been remembering what it was like to be rooted to the couch.

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So.. I know I haven't been around lately, I think you all understand. So here we go:

I've lost my way on my challenges a bit, I am back to work (Starting today).

Positives: I have made dinner twice, (Same meal both times, but progress still). I have only missed 2 TRX classes (The day after my son was born was one of them, no one blames me for that =P)


Negatives: I have stopped working on the cleaning/adulting. Dishes are piling up and need done and the yard needs mowed badly. I let my 'dieting' go out the window the last two weeks, BUT it was a conscious choice.


After eating well and drinking water every day, to go back to drinking 2-3 sodas and eating out and then go to TRX and feel the difference was a real eye opener.. TRX was MUCH harder when my body was working with crap in the system.


There is my progress update for the challenge, now for a bit of the other side of things.


Landon is doing well, he normally wakes up 1-2x per night for food. I am still deathly afraid I will scar him for life somehow, but I don't let it stop me from trying.


I adopted my couch potato ways a bit and delved hard into Destiny on the PS4 once again. Destiny could have been so much! The fact that botched a lot at the start of the game and then made the game just feel like a giant money grab with the way they're doing all of the DLC is a very big shame.



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