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Don't blame you a bit, typing more than a quick reply (quoting, wut?) on phones is torment. You did great on your challenge and hopefully the computer comes back all fixed and you still have money afterward~

Multi quote on my phone is certainly a mystery... and formated posts definitely aren't happening. The computer just has a crack in it by the power button that's been growing, so I wanted to take care of it while it's still under warranty #adulting. I think my adventure for today was learning how to take out the hard drive - they certainly don't need that to fix the crack, and their numerous disclaimers about data loss and theft made me paranoid [emoji14].

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Challenge 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

Supple Lioness Mobility


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My laptop was dumped on its side while plugged in and the plugged side was the side that hit the floor, forcing the jack deeper into the system. Sent it to Sony to get it evaluated (it was past warranty, so no joy), and it came back fixed for free, lol. Much later (1-1.5 years later) it stopped recognizing when it was plugged in, but still. Totally understand being concerned about data loss, I backed that stuff up! 

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The stronger the body the more it obeys, the weaker the body the more it commands. -- Siegmund Klein

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