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Week 4 Day 4

A kinda relaxing day. Didn't have to work too late and had girlfriends cousin over for dinner. Planned this as an off day from the gym since I knew people were coming over hence why deadlift blowout was Wednesday not yesterday.


Food was flawless through dinnertime. Then it went downhill, big plate of pasta with meat sauce. So good but soo many carbs! Would have been awesome if yesterday was a lifting day but that was way too many carbs for a rest day. Plus apparently we cant have people over without having desert so we went for ice cream. Found an awesome new place(which I now must avoid) that makes crazy homemade ice cream flavors. Living in a city opens up all these new food options...need to watch out for temptations or my macros and wallet will be crying. Only exception is all-you-can-eat sushi down the street, I will go any and all times that there is an opportunity to go there. I will make it fit my macros.


Obviously, loading up on carbs and ice cream after 8pm doesn't look too favorably on the scale. Weighed in at 313.5lbs this morning. Girlfriend is gone this weekend so I am back in charge a bit more over plans and food for a few days. Want the weather to hold off so I can maybe check out some walking/hiking spots around the city but currently looking like a washout weekend. Taking one more day off the gym today so I don't have a repeat of yesterday. May go for a little walk with my ruck if the weather isn't too crappy. Going to make up the long warrior ROMWOD that I missed last night after work today as well.

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Challenge Wrapup

I was really busy the end of last week and I didn't even realize that the challenge was over. Anyways here is a wrap-up.


Weight Goal:

I didnt quite reach the constant 308lbs level that I was hoping for. I am sitting this morning at 310.3lbs and was as low as 307.8lbs. My assumption is that neglecting the fluctuations in weight(which have steadied out much more since starting this challenge), I am sitting right near 310lbs which would be a 5lb cut since the beginning of the challenge which is not too shabby even though its not quite goal. One of the things that factored into this was the weekend eating. I was a little more conscious of the food I was eating on the weekend and that definitely helped minimize the weekly fluctuations and overall weight drop. There was a few weekend slipups over the 4th of July and such that I could have prevented which likely would have been the 2lbs more I needed for goal but I am not that upset over the results.


Lifting Goal:

Continued along with the current powerlifting routine. I got in all but 1(15/16) workout during the challenge which was OHP and not a main focus for my competition so I consider that not a bad miss and considering I worked 50ish hours each week as well, I can't be mad. I had some low points with the deadlift burn out last week but that was outweighed by the lift progression across the board on 1RM estimates:

Squat: 315lbs to 330lbs

Bench: 255lbs to 260lbs

Deadlift: 400lbs to 415lbs (Actually pulled 405lbs for the first time during the challenge)

OHP: 155lbs to 160lbs


If I were to be able to hit all of those 1RMs then my current total would be 1005lbs and enough to hit the mark needed in competition. The only lift I am not too confident in is the 260lb bench. Heavy bench intimidates me and sometimes the 90% single currently at 235lbs feels like a max so I'm not sure 260lbs would go up. But there is still a month or so to go before the competition so I am not that worried yet. Still time to progress a bit.


LUYL Goal:

Successfully moved to Boston during the course of the challenge. All but one or two small boxes remains to be unpacked. Survived a long trip to the DMV to change over license and car registration. Started up a new gym membership at the gym with my coach and loving every workout there. Such a better environment for lifting than the Y where I just feel judged for doing anything powerlifting related(and yelled at for using chalk). Consider this goal a major success.

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2016: First - Second - Third - Fourth - Fifth - Sixth - Seventh

2017: Eighth - Ninth - Tenth - Eleventh - Twelfth

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