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I'm just getting into throwing. I met some guys who train for Highland games and while I'm training there, I'm also falling in love with shot put and have a desire to try hammer(non-Highland games). Of course, I'll probably eventually try javelin and discus, too. For now, I just want to increase my throwing.


My question(s); is anyone here a thrower/former thrower/have a good workout plan?


I live minutes from one of the(might be THE only, still) facility solely for throwing, in the U.S.

I will be going there, when I can.


For lifting, I am planning on doing a few things, but there may be gaps in my plan.


I'm going to try power cleans, front squats, ohp's and incline press. I'll probably make the presses db presses. I'd add in trap bar squats, but lack the trap bar... maybe using db's for them, too? Maybe some lunges, or split squats. I'll be using 50-60% max for low reps and max speed for the lifts. I know I need to fit solid strength work in, but not sure when to do it. 

two days a week I want to do some sprints. I'll need to work in some ply, too... that I'm not too familiar with, so I'll have to look into it. Probably can't do box jumps, lacking a box.

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