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On 6/23/2016 at 3:48 PM, Steaky said:

Still not sure why I'm working for an Italian food company, when it's my least favourite cuisine and so many variables.  At least the customers are generally good humoured and keep the day entertaining. 


Maybe it's for the best so you're not super tempted to eat all the food at your job?


Nice job on the weight loss!

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On 26 June 2016 at 8:31 PM, Raxie said:


Maybe it's for the best so you're not super tempted to eat all the food at your job?


Nice job on the weight loss!

I think I'd struggle to eat any of it.  It's all in massive quantities.  The tomatoes are in cases of six tins, each case is 15kg; flour is in 25kg sacs; cooking oil and sources come in huge 5 and 10 litre bottles; cheese and meat comes in huge joints and quarter wheels starting at 2kg all the way up to 8kg each.  All a bit too much for making a light bite on the go. :lol: 



On 27 June 2016 at 9:11 AM, sozzielou said:

TRJxBStB8WoOQ.gif Om nom nom, did somebody mention Italian food?!?

Great job on week 2! How did your weekend go, did you manage to get that hike in?


Thanks, and yes, Italian food ingredients in industrial sized quantities (see above).

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I realise I have been a bit M.I.A. over the last week.  I managed to get a walk in with the wife on Sunday (at the end of week 2).  But I stopped tracking food on the Friday as I went out for a friends birthday party that evening and much beer was consumed.  I've still not quite got back into tracking food, over a week later.  I need to focus more on that going forward.  The walk started along the canal, then back along some roads, so doesn't quite count, in my book, as a proper hike.  It was still nice to get out together and burn some calories together.


I ended up doing almost 5 hours over time in work, leaving not much time for anything in the evenings before going to bed much earlier than I am used to as my body has been so drained.  Despite the early nights, I'm still averaging less than 8 hours sleep on school nights, but don't feel like I need much more than what I'm getting.  


Food wise, despite not tracking, I've been loading up on protein, eating all of it.  Also feel like I've been eating more than I'm used to during the day.  But skipping out on a full meal in the evening, so my weight is down a total of 4lbs on what I started this challenge at. Down from 11 st 11lbs/165lbs/74.8kg to 11st 7lbs/161lbs/73kg.  It would appear this argument I've seen repeated a lot over the last year of lifting heavy being the best way to burn fat has some basis in fact.


This weekend has largely been a lazy one, resting my tired muscles.  Friday was a surprise trip to the cinema to cheer the wife up after an getting worried about being referred back to a specialist 3 years after she thought the problem was resolved. It's just a precautionary measure after a minor anomaly during a routine check up and should prove to be nothing.  But it got her worried all the same.  So I picked her up from work and we went to see Warcraft: The beginning and both quite enjoyed it.  It doesn't seem to have been a popular movie though, which will probably ruin the rest of the series. 

Saturday was spent mostly on the sofa watching movies together.  Which left today for all the usual domestic type stuff like cleaning and shopping etc.  We tend to have a slow start on a Sunday to enjoy a relaxed cooked breakfast before doing anything else.   So a walk/hike hasn't happened this weekend.  The way I've been feeling, throwing a pack on my back probably wouldn't have done it much good.


Also thinking of booking in to see a physio next weekend to have a few aches looked at which have been lurking for a while and become quite tender over the last 2 weeks.  Part of the problem I know is my poor posture when sitting, and sometimes when lifting.

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Congrats on the weight loss.That was nice that you and your wife could have a movie date  and you could get her mind a bit off being worried.

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I guess I should conclude this as the next challenge s starting?


This didn't turn out to be the most successful first challenge for me.  The new job has turned out to be a tougher challenge than I had anticipated. I've been averaging 2,500 calories a day and still losing weight. 

While I was unsuccessful in achieving my goals during this challenge, I am not giving up on them, at least not any time soon. Until I get more comfortable and settled in the new job (which I am still enjoying), I won't be starting a new challenge on here. Getting online during the week to view the forums isn't possible much right now. Going to try to keep up with as many of you as I can though. 

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Ditto that.  I figure every challenge is a win as long as you learn something from it that you can apply to future challenges.  The only thing you have to do is keep coming back.  

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