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I am also logging my battle!


Current weight : 237lbs


BIG Goal Weight : 170lbs


Total to Lose : 67lbs


Right Now Goal : 215lbs


How I'm gonna do it : Actually, I'm not focusing on weight loss right now. I have this idea of what adulting should look like and my goal is to do that. I know it's a big no-no to say "should" but for now I'm not saying "should" I'm saying shall. "The use of the word shall imposes a duty to act. Shall is mandatory unless the statute demands a different construction to carry out the clear intent of the legislature. Shall is mandatory and does not denote judicial discretion." Otak Nevada, LLC v. Eighth Judicial Dist. Court of State, ex rel. County of Clark, 260 P.3d 408, 411 (Nev. 2011) (internal citations omitted).


I want to do what this lady did 



I'm going to spend a minute gathering up my "shoulds" so that I can decide on my "shalls."

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Law school'd. 


 I super approve of this method. Just don't go crazy like she did and do a bunch of ridiculous shit at once. (Also: flossing twice a day?! Fuck me it's hard enough doing it once.)


was as I not supposed to post yet? I can delete this. I think. 

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1 hour ago, fleaball said:

Law school'd. 


 I super approve of this method. Just don't go crazy like she did and do a bunch of ridiculous shit at once. (Also: flossing twice a day?! Fuck me it's hard enough doing it once.)


was as I not supposed to post yet? I can delete this. I think. 

#A, My dentist told me it was OK to floss once a day

#B, you can always post!


1 hour ago, Severine said:

Extra points for the statutory construction joke. I swear the thing I miss most the only thing I miss about not being in law anymore is that nobody gets the nerdy law jokes I make.



Law jokes are the best. Or the worst. . . I don't know. . .


24 minutes ago, Mshrmit said:

Sounds like a plan!  I agree with the others, though.  Take things step by step so you can focus on what you are doing.

I'm debating how much I want to tackle.

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13 Monday, 2016


My goal was to get up early in the mornings and go to the gym here at my apartment. Well, turns out the gym is not open in the early AM. Fuck. 


So I walked around a bit, but it's already really hot out, so it was a very short walk. 


I guess walk again at lunch. But hey! I'm up before 7:50! Success me! I'm going to have some eggs for breakfast. Maybe also some yogurt 


EDIT: yogurt aomgblarrrrgggggahgahgahagdrool


10:15 - I forgot - I have a crazy doctor appointment today, so I can't go for a walk at lunch. 

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I totally slept until 9 this morning. Go me. Obvs no walk or breakfast.


Lunch was chicken, mashed potatoes and broccoli.


I'll take my walk after I vote. I feel like such an interloper, voting in a local election for a place I've lived for less than a year. I did what research I could. . . So. . . ! Democracy!

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So this post is a long time coming, but (somewhat thanks to Steve’s email today) I’ve figured out what I want to do. I’ve been percolating, evolving a plan, as Gaston would say. I thought about what I want in the short term and that is this:

·         My hips are kaka poopy (technical medical term) and I want to stretch them. STRETCH ‘EM REAL GOOD!

·         I want a pinchy poo (actual metric measurement) more energy to play with Midget Mayhem. 

·         I still have this idea in my head about what adulating should look like.

So, I thought, that’s enough to be going on with. So, what do I do

Stretch, move, and adult. Duh. (Also, trying this new Oxford coma think in my every day writing. We hates it, but it’s mandatory in legal writing and I need to just deal with it)

I found a donation based yoga studio LITERALLY down the block from work. I was poking around the website, getting all madder and madder that I couldn’t find the prices when BAM! It’s free. Sort of. It’s 
pay what you can when you can” WHAT!!! I for reals started crying, friends. I was so moved. I’m going to start on Monday. I cannot express my joy, my gratitude, my excitement! I’ll let you know how it goes! (Prediction, I’m high key going to cry my eyes out to the owner when I meet her Monday.)

I’ll have to cardio after work because my apartment complex is obvs fucking stupid and the gym is locked in the AM. WFT, mate?

Adulting is going to be the big change for me. Which is half true? I guess. I mean, it’s true enough. I adulted once, really well. I was my best me. And then the fire nation attacked I moved to go to law school. I would like to go back to that. In this fashion. 


  • Put dishes away after supper, not in the AM (This is actually The Marine's thing, so. . . adding it here)
  • Brush, Floss, Wash face
  • Make sure I have clothes set out for the next day

Then in the morning

  • Eat food for breakfast
  • Shower




That's all I'm adding for meow. There's more, i want to do some AM stretches, I want to start doing make up again, my hairs is aaaaallllmost to the point where I'm going to have to start. . . doing something with it!!!


So, yeah. Just a couple of little habits. 

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13 hours ago, fleaball said:

Woooo plans! You got this!


Thanks, Lady! This will be got! 


SO, welcome to 6:55 am on Firday morning. I can lounge, laze, internet. Whatever I want. Because I am prepared for today. Coffee's on, outfit is chosen, shower is showered. I like doing nothing in the morning. I like this habit. I shall habit this habit. 


Having said all that, I am SUPER excited to sleep in tomorrow. Oy. I have been SUPER late to work twice this week becuase I just want to SLEEEEEEEP! Damn you, PMS! Dam you.


P.S. Not fucking around on my phone last night was a revelation. Seriously, why have I never thought of this before?

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Oh, BTWs - I totally forgot, on the 15th I celebrated 1 whole month with out any fast food! w00t! 


Also, pretty close to the same for soda, but somewhere in there The Marine let me have some pepsi. But that was the only time! Look out world! I'm murdering the top two of my worst habits! 


NEXT: Sitting aorund all day and doing nothing! I'm coming for you, bitch. But you know, later.

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So, obvs, today was a good day. I woke up at 6, lounged aroudn in bed until 7:15, it was awesome. 

Knocked out a bunch of shit at work.

Went to free yoga.


Yogaed the shit out of some yoga.

Had a great session with my crazy doctor who, BTW is quitting, blarrrrrr.

But that'ok OK becuase my 12 sessions are over - only on emore (the uni only gives me 12 / 12 mo period. Qua?)

Then the regular doctoc (I'm boringly healthy, still) 

Then the pool

And now coloring with Midget Mayhem and supper. Followed by a Jurassic Park Marathon on Netflix (by which I mean I will fall asleep before the Delophasaur kills Nedry.)

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