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Kohl. Mission I: Scavenge Run


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"But when we really delve into the reasons for why we can’t let something go,
there are only two: an attachment to the past or a fear for the future."
— Marie Kondō 



The road so far,


Hello, this is a respawn of first challenge. The last time I was here the system was different and not sure I fully understand the new one yet (still looking for bbcode/html editor.. does it even exist anymore?). In the year between, I took up paleo/primal eating, lost weight, and at this point-- finally found myself needing accountability for healthier habits. Still exploring where to go health-fitness-diet wise, but for the time being my main concern is to just start.
So yeah, hope to see you around. 


Acquire what you need, leave behind what only burdens.

Do KonMari Tidying-Up
At least halfway. I have started with clothes, shoes and bags, but there's still so much to sort out. I'm going to list the categories and draw a line on the middle somewhere. This looks (and is) like a 'life' goal instead of a fitness one, but though not sure how to explain it, I do think this is the most important one. It's a wonderful book, BTW, and would totally recommend it (and have). 


Get Moving 

While not a stranger in dieting, I'm practically a mollusc at exercising/ being active. I don't.. really move unless I (really) have to? So my main objective is to move more, and loosen the stiff muscles while hopefully also building my stamina.

Lose Weight
Target: 58 kg (127.8 lbs) from 61.8 kg (136.2 lbs)
  • Keep food and weight log. Decided to use an app, since it's the easiest and it logs time automatically. 
  • Eat low-carb paleo/primal. Avoid lactose as well, since I'm a lactose intolerant person in denial.
  • Deal with eating out and portion gauging. This is pretty much the bane of how well my eating goes. I eat out 2-3 times a week and often would either 1) Feel guilty if I don't order a 'proper' menu, and 2) Overestimate how much I can actually eat, which also happens with the foods I prepare on my own. I used to be significantly bigger than I am and while it's not exactly habit, kind of got used to (be able to) eat a lot more than my current capacity. Compound one with the other with the sprinkling of oversized meals and there's a recipe for guilt/avoiding waste eating. So yes,
    • Training myself to only order and cook what I want to/can eat. Also keep it as paleo/primal as possible.
    • Be prepared to have/store leftovers. It's okay
  • Only trying/tinkering with one new cake/baked goods/dessert per week. I love baking. I don't like eating the results, though, so they usually go to friends, but there's still a significant (?) amount of tasting and trying that accompany every new recipe. I have too many recipes I'd like to try, so, limiting them to one each week at the most.


Official-updates of the challenge will be every Monday and Friday. Might make a table calendar of what should be done when.
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