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I didn't post my day one update yesterday... oops, not a good start. I'll catch up now :)

- March 1 -


(Quick Weight Loss Center Diet -2 servings of protein, 4 of vegetables, 3 of fruits, 2 starches, 1 serving fat. Nutrition Supplements twice a day. 64-80 oz of water)

3/4 cup eggbeaters, 1 cup mushrooms

10 grapes, 1 piece of toast w/ light butter

QWLC Nutrition Supplement Bar

1 Apple

3.5 oz Turkey Breast (grilled - I love my George Foreman grill!)

1 cup raw baby spinach w/ 1 tbsp lo cal dressing

1 orange

4 oz milk

QWLC Nutrition Supplement Soup

3.5 oz Turkey Breast

1 cup steamed broccoli

1 cup raw baby spinach 1 w 1 tbsp lo cal dressing

1 piece of bread w/ light butter

64 oz of water

Exercise -

Spent 15 minutes on the rowing machine. Did 2929 meters... I'm assuming that's not great. It was my first time trying the rowing machine but I think I liked it! Since it was only 15 minutes it does not count towards my goal of exercising 3x a week for 30 minutes. I'll just consider it bonus exercise :)

Off to get some exercise in now before I head out to my volunteer shift at the GA Aquarium. Pretty sure I can fit in the full 30 minutes if I can kick my husband off the treadmill :)

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- March 2 -


3/4 cup eggbeaters, 1 cup mushrooms

1 apple, 1 piece of toast w/ light butter

QWLC Nutrition Supplement Bar

1 orange

4oz non fat milk

1 cup raw baby spinach w/ 1 tbsp lo cal dressing

10 grapes

5.5 oz tenderloin

1 cup steamed broccoli

1 cup raw baby spinach 1 w 1 tbsp lo cal dressing

1 piece of bread w/ light butter

QWLC Nutrition Supplement - Hot Chocolate

64 oz of water

Exercise -

Bicep curls - 2 sets of 15 reps 12.5lbs

Dumbbell bent over rows - 2 sets of 15 reps 12.5lbs

Dips - 2 sets of 15

20 minutes on the treadmill.

I did a built in interval program on the treadmill but set my "lowest speed" way too low at 2.5 mph. Definitely going to bump that up tomorrow. Also did some research on planning out my strength training exercises better. The three things I did up there were just some basic things I remembered from a year and a half ago when I worked with a trainer at the gym. I'm all about the apps, so I found an iphone app that gives quite a few different workout routines and logs them for you. Will be trying that out tomorrow morning (After I get the kids off to their two hour delayed school... dratted snow in Atlanta for the third time this season.. driving me bonkers!)

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March 3


My diet is pretty much the same every day.

3/4 cup eggbeaters for breakfast scrambled with a cup of mushrooms, one serving of some fruit, and a piece of toast with light butter.

Sometime mid morning I have a nutrition supplement bar of some sort from QWLC and 4oz of milk.

Lunch is 1/2 of my second daily serving of protein (chicken, turkey, fish), a cup of raw baby spinach with a 1/2 serving of low calorie dressing, one serving of fruit

Mid afternoon I have one serving of fruit and sometimes my second QWLC nutrition supplement (drink form - it's a lower calorie supplement than the bar, I can choose from pudding/shake mix, soup mix, hot chocolate mix, etc)

Dinner is the second 1/2 of my second daily serving of protein, a cup of raw baby spinach, a serving of some sort of vegetable (generally steamed, sometimes raw), and a piece of bread with light butter.

After dinner I will have my drink form nutrition supplement if I didn't have it earlier in the day.

I'm not going to post the specifics of my diet each day unless I deviate from the above menu. Following an eating plan has never been the problem for me.. it's the lack of motivation to exercise that does me in.

On that note.. Exercise:

Started a workout from my new app

Single-Leg Bench Squat and Curl

3x12 8lbs

This alternating arm/leg lift/balance type thing on a bosu (they call this exercise "Take a Walk")


Rotational Lunge and Shoulder Press

3x12 8lbs

20 minutes of interval program on the treadmill. walk/jog 3.5 mph/5.0mph

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Keep it up Heather!

...so did you really dress up for...Blizzardcon? If so, that's awesome. :)


Yes I really dressed up for "Blizzardcon"

<---That's me in last years blood elf warlock costume. I wasn't kidding when I said I'm a nerd! :P

March 4 Update -

Today's update will be nice and quick. Took the day off working out. Ate my QWLC food plan as described above, somehow missed a fruit though. It was a long busy day and now I sleeeeeeep!

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Yup, that is awesome.

Are you gonna mix it up this year? Or dress as the same thing? I've never done anything like that so I don't know if it's not cool to wear the same thing each year.


Rebel Leader. I post videos of my dog on Instagram, and sometimes even share fitness wisdom. SOMETIMES.

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It's fine to wear the same thing each year as far as I know anyway. I'm relatively new to the whole scene. I will be dressing up again this year (it'll be my third and each time has been a different costume). This next year I plan on being a spirit healer (pic below!) the costume choice is a motivating factor for losing the weight and toning up :)

Posted Image

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Hold off on the "amazing" till I actually finish it :)

My mom and I actually work on all my costumes together. (keeping in mind she's across the country from me in CA) She's quite a seamstress, so the major sewing aspect of it is all her. Accessories and weapons and such are all done by me. The Spirit Healer won't have near as much sewing as the first two so this one will be more mine than anything I've done so far.

I have a wing frame made out of plywood and lots of screws and hinges. They are retractable so that I can move around in the convention center. They retract down almost completely flat and then also fold back behind me if necessary. I'm currently looking for the right cloth to cover the frame with. Mom will be helping with the sewing for that. Any more detail than that will have to wait till closer to the convention (date as yet unannounced). But I'll be sure to post pictures when it's done!

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I have a wing frame made out of plywood and lots of screws and hinges. They are retractable so that I can move around in the convention center.

That seems so heavy to be lugging around on your back all day! Did you use a lighter wood like lauan? Have you thought about lighter alternatives? I know armature wire wouldn't keep it's rigidity for too long if someone knocked into them, but perhaps a cage-like frame?

(Animation nerd here - maquettes were my favorite part of pre-pro class.)

Awesome costume idea, though. I want to see it when you're done!


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Wow you have totally inspired me. You have a nice body , yet you are still working out and being a part of this challenge. Awesome. I know that I want to work out for a long time to come even when I reach my fitness goals, but , I figured at one point I would throw in the towel. Kudos to you!! and awesome costume idea!

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I've never been to Blizcon, but I bet you would have a decent chance at winning the costume contest with that! I can't wait to see pictures, and let us know how you engineer the wings to fold and whatnot (I started out as an engineering/architecture major before I went with computer science, so I love this type of stuff)!


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Moose - The wood is relatively thin and light. The largest part is the part that sits on my back... and it's no heavier than a backpack. The problem with using anything lighter weight is making sure it supports the weight of the fabric. I've got plenty of time for trial and error so I'll probably do and redo quite a bit :)

Curvy - Thanks! I'm inspired by your kick boxing! Your motivation to workout and the intensity is much better than mine.. good job!

Topher - I never go into the contest expecting to win, it's all for fun. There are some really intense costumes there. This one will actually be more on the simple side of things comparatively. I'll take pictures of the wing frame setup and stuff, but I won't post them till after Blizzcon. I post very little of my costume design ahead of time because I like it to be a surprise at Blizzcon.

Journal Update March 5th


Typical morning/afternoon food wise. Dinner's protein/veggie/starch came via Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse. Got the rainbow trout, steamed veggies, and wild rice medley.


Did 30 minutes of a "Dance yourself thin" DVD. This was fun... but I'm not sure how effective it was. It was the first day though so some time was spent learning the steps. Might get better as I go.

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Thanks Suse!

Updating here because my goal is to update every day. But... there's nothing interesting to update with. Eating was typical, all on target. No exercise today. Tomorrow will do a new kickboxing video. Seems that this 28 days for me is turning into "let's see how many different types of exercise Heather can try". Maybe I'll find one I enjoy enough to be motivated to stick with by the time the month is up.

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Kickboxing was lots of fun.. my kids did it with me which made it seem to go by a lot faster than yesterdays 30 minutes. Watching my 6 year old try to keep up was very cute :)

March 7 :

Eating - on track, typical day.

Exercise - 30 minutes kickboxing video.

Weekly update:

Updated daily

Eating stayed on track

4 days of exercising for 30 minutes.

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March 9

Eating on track, no exercise today. Weigh in this morning was a huge let down. I'm up a pound from Friday's weigh in. I know I didn't gain a pound of fat.. but it's frustrating when I know I'm eating the right amount of calories to cause the deficit but not seeing the results from it. They have me drinking 72oz of water today instead of 64. Then 80oz tomorrow. Will weigh in again on Thursday and see if the "water flush" helps get the numbers dropping again.

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Your weight measurements might be being thrown off by the increase in water intake. I know I lost a couple pounds when I stopped chugging all day, and only drank when I was actually thirsty.

I'd imagine that even if you're 'saturated' so to speak, that if you drink more, your body will absorb more to balance.

Or you just pee a lot.

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I'm not even gonna go into how often I have to pee lately..... :evil: Home scale looks promising though so maybe it was worth it! True test will be tomorrow mornings QWLC "official" weigh in.

March 10

Food was on track today. I love my "nutrition supplement" bar each day.. little pieces of chocolate heaven :)

30 minutes jog/walk on the treadmill. I've found this is my easiest go-to exercise and so far I feel like it gets my heart rate going better and more consistently than anything else.

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March 11

At my weigh in today, after two days of extra water, I lost that pound I gained. So I'm back even with last Fridays weigh in. They have me doing a different diet now for two days... this stuff all seems so gimmicky. I mean, I'm enjoying that I'm eating healthier.. the lean meats and fish and vegetables and fruits, it's all good stuff. But the "now eat just this for two days" stuff.. I dunno. But, I paid them for 11 weeks of this program.. and I need the accountability of going and having someone else weigh me in so I'll stick to it. So far I've lost 19lbs so there's something to it at least :)


Breakfast - 2 eggs

Mid Morning - 1/2 orange and nutrient supplement drink (hot chocolate, yum)

Lunch - 8 oz chicken, 2 cups baby spinach

Mid Afternoon - 1/2 orange and nutrient supplement bar (chocolate peanut)

Dinner - 5 1/2oz of 4% ground beef, 2 cups baby spinach, 1/2 cucumber (I don't like cucumbers... they have no flavor, but it was on the "eat this today!" menu)


None today.

Broke out the manual for my husbands Bowflex tonight though... They make it look so easy on the infomercial and he tells me it's simple really.. but there's so many options I'm not sure where to start. I get overwhelmed looking at the thing. I just need to pull out some basic exercises to start with and get comfortable with those and go from there I think, knowing me though I'll just hop back on the treadmill tomorrow on one of the built in interval programs.

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March 12

Went in for another weigh in at the center and was down another pound! Yay for moving in the right direction again :)


Eating was exactly the same as yesterday except for saving my chocolate nutrition supplement bar till after dinner.


Turns out the Bowflex is not as complicated as I originally thought. Put together a basic set of exercises I'm going to get in three times a week. The weight amounts are resistance weight not actual weight weight, so I'm not sure how that converts. But this is what I did tonight

Did two sets of 15 reps of the following:

Standing Low Back Extension - 50lbs resistance

Seated Lat Rows - 50lbs resistance

Bicep Curls 10lb dumbbells

Tricep Pushdown - 25lbs resistance

Seated Abdominal Crunch - 35lbs resistance

Crossover Rear Deltoid Rows - 30lbs resistance

Bench Press - 50lbs resistance

Lunges - 5lb dumbbell in each hand

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