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Sup everybody! I've been meaning to do this for a while, but kept putting it off. Now it's an actual quest on the Acaedmy so I feel like I absolutely have to do it like RIGHT NOW.


I'm a lazy cow and I need someone to be encouraging me, telling me to get off my butt, making sure I know what the days goals are and not gently. I need to wake up to an all caps email like 'GET UP YOU LAZY COW AND DO THESE THINGS YOU SAID YOUD DO TODAY AND DONT LET ME HEAR YOU HAVENT DONE THEM' sorta thing.


Similar support will definitely be returned. I'm good at checking up on others, crap at convincing myself to do the same. I don't care where in the world you are. If you think we can help each other, please message me!!



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Yay another British Assassin (I'm half monk, half-assassin, realistically). And I love the gif you used, so had to reply :) 
I'm not sure I can commit to daily emails but definitely every other day/2-3 times a week "hey, remember your goal to X?" is definitely do-able! Equally, if you've found someone to do regular emails I just thought I'd say hi as you're another Brit :) (I'm in Southampton, right on the south coast, so a little while form you, but still)


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