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Waldo's Sorta Challenge

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Happy 4th!


Everything is Awesome.  Scale is down to 208.0, down 3.8 lbs from last Wed.  Tape is down 1/2" around the waist, so I probably lost about 2 lbs of fat thus far (the rest is the transient weight I expected to drop).  Its very noticeable appearance-wise.  My waist is where it was when I started bulking, but I'm around 2 lbs heavier.  It took 5 days to erase the fat gain of 2 months of bulking.


Its starting to get a little harder today (I'm actually hungry a little), but for the most part, this has been easy peasy, I haven't even been hungry or felt deprived at all.


Diet #'s:



2245 cals intake

726 cals exercise (lifting+walking)

1519 net cals

1231 cals deficit



2512 cals intake

873 cals exercise (running)

1639 net cals

1111 cals deficit



1638 cals intake

330 cals exercise (long day scraping paint)

1308 net cals

1442 cals deficit


Total deficit as of day 5: 6425 cals

Deficit to go: 11075 cals

Daily target to reach goal in remaining 9 days: 1231 cal/day

% of way to goal: 36.7%

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Tape was down another 1/8th today.  Now lost 5/8" around the waist.  Scale was 207.8 last night.  I'm about to head over to the gym and lift.


Diet Data:

1901 Cals Intake

330 cals exercise (long day scraping paint)

1571 net cals

1179 cals defict


Total deficit as of day 6: 7604 cals

Deficit to go: 9896 cals

Daily target to reach goal in remaining 8 days: 1237 cal/day

% of way to goal: 43.5%


Barring anything unforseen, I should pass the midway point today.  I'm definitely starting to get a little hungrier, but it is certainly not bad; I feel like I'm dieting now as opposed to a welcome respite from bulking.


I most likely am underestimating the calorie burn of the work on the house.  Its not particularly active, but at the same time I'm quite worn out afterwards.  And I worked on it for about 5-6 hours both on Sun and Mon.

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Did measurements today.  Yeesh, cutting like a boss is not tape friendly when it comes to muscle size.  Tho things will bounce back quick once cals are raised. 


In case anyone else is interested, here is my lean mass, fat mass, and bodyfat% at the starting point (or ending point, depending on how you look at it) of each of my bulk-cut cycles (which I think is the best way to track cycle to cycle progress):


(date, weight, lbm, fm, bf%)

#1 (06/17/12): 190.6 lb, 145.6 lb, 45.0 lb, 23.6%

#2 (12/30/12): 197.1 lb, 157.4 lb, 39.7 lb, 20.2%

#3 (09/01/13): 187.3 lb, 163.4 lb, 23.9 lb, 12.8%

#4 (01/19/14): 193.1 lb, 170.9 lb, 22.2 lb, 11.5%

#5 (04/06/14): 196.0 lb, 174.5 lb, 21.5 lb, 11.0%

#6 (06/22/14): 198.2 lb, 177.1 lb, 21.1 lb, 10.6%

#7 (08/31/14): 199.5 lb, 180.4 lb, 19.1 lb, 9.6%

#8 (05/04/16): 206.9 lb, 182.2 lb, 24.7 lb, 11.9%


In 2 weeks I'll have the next data point. Each of these is following a cut, I used to do 2 weeks of maintenance (#1-#4), the datapoint would be the 2nd week (or final week of maintaining, as is the case for #2 and #4).  #5, #6, and #8 (+ soon to be #9) I just jump right back to bulking, so the datapoint is the first week of bulking.  #7 was the start of a long break at maintenance(ish).


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Leg day here in a little bit.


Waist was 32.3" this AM, down another 1/8".  Only 1/2" to go! (about 2 lbs).  Scale was at 207.4 lbs last night, 4.4 lbs below where I started.  I'm losing so fast that I can see appearance changes every single day, some days its very notable.


Symptom-wise I still feel fine for the most part.  A little hungrier today, but still well withing the dieting zone, nothing severe.  Lifting has been crap, as expected.  Pretty much I'm fine on my first work set of each exercise, maybe lose a rep or two, but things collapse fast after that first peak set.


Diet data for the last 2 days:



2087 cals intake

592 cals exercise (upper body lifting + some walking)

1495 net cals

1255 cals deficit



2465 cals intake

940 cals exercise (long run)

1525 net cals

1225 cals deficit


Total deficit after day 8: 10084 cals

Deficit to go: 7416 cals

Daily target to reach goal in remaining 6 days: 1236 cal/day

% of way to goal: 57.6%

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Gonna catch up on reading your thread sometime today. It looks like there are lots of interesting notes on your hyper-cut and some kick ass workouts. It'll be interesting to catch up and read through your posts. You always have the most thoughtful threads!

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Yesterday's leg workout was utterly awful.  Peak front squat sets were 10 lbs under my bulking working weight for the same reps (3).  I only did 2 sets.  I worked up to a single at 405 on the deadlift (was doing 3 reps at that weight when bulking).  But deadlift-wise, I did really put extra focus on form, which usually requires a bit more effort.


No movement on the tape this AM, scale was down to 207.0 last night, a total loss now of 4.8 lbs.  Interestingly there is a shot I will hit my major long term goal; 205 lb (or more) at 10% BF (or less).  I've been working toward this goal since summer 2012.  If I don't have the muscle mass yet , I'm within a pound or two.  At the end of this cut I should also be within a pound or two fat mass-wise.


Diet data for Thursday:

2095 cals intake

922 cals exercise (lifting+treadmill walking)

1173 net cals

1527 cals deficit


Total deficit after day 9: 11611 cals

Deficit to go: 5889 cals

Daily target to reach goal in remaining 5 days: 1178 cals

% of way to goal: 66.3%


Outside of gym weakness I'm still feeling fine.  I expect to see some symptoms (perma-hunger) here pretty soon, but thus far there's been nothing outside of standard cutting while overweight side effects (a little hungrier than usual around mealtimes).  The sprint to the finish is on.


It should be noted that I understand one very key concept when it comes to hunger management.  We are creatures of habit.  99%+ of all hunger has nothing to with calorie intake or actual food requirements, it is because we usually eat at this time.  Our stomachs secrete ghrelin (the rumbly tummy hormone) to keep us on our standard eating schedule; it is secreted slightly in advance of habitual eating times.  Changing habitual eating times is MUCH more of a willpower battle than simply changing intake volume at points on the same schedule.  Skip a meal or snack for a couple weeks consistently and you'll cease to be hungry at that time.  Add a meal or snack for a couple of weeks consistently and you'll be hungry at that time every day.


The change in my diet from a surplus to a large deficit isn't as big as you'd think.  My meal patterns as as follows (and the changes):

- First thing in the AM coffee, I drop creamer and sugar in favor of just a little low cal (sugar free) creamer

- Lunch, no difference

- After work snack, I drop from a handful of granola bars and/or a few bowls of cereal to a protein bar or some jerky

- Dinner, no difference

- After dinner ice cream/dessert, I drop from A LOT (usually a quart, plus some chocolate, cookies or candy if I still need more cals) to a little (half a pint, skipping some days). 


I don't eat outside of those times, bulking or cutting.





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Even though the challenge is over, I'm going to keep updating this until I'm done with this cut in a couple of days.


Tape was down to 31 7/8" this am, only 1/8" to go.  Total loss thus far of 1-1/8" around the waist (~4.5 lb fat).  I pretty much notice a difference in my appearance every single day.


I'm surprised that I still don't have much in the way of cutting side effects except for gym weakness.  Things definitely didn't get worse over the weekend.  My anti-starvation system should be kicking in soon tho...


Diet data for Friday:

2255 cals intake

592 cals exercise (lifting+walking)

1663 net cals

1087 cals deficit


Diet data for Saturday:

2564 cals intake

1039 cals exercise (scraping paint+running)

1525 net cals

1225 cals deficit


Diet data for Sunday:

2343 cals intake

705 cals exercise (scraping paint+yardwork)

1638 net cals

1112 cals deficit


Total deficit after day 12: 15035 cals

Deficit to go: 2465 cals

Daily target to reach goal in remaining 2 days: 1233 cals

% of way to goal: 85.9%


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As far as challenge goals go...


1. Do my cardio.  Did pretty good at this one, I think I only skipped a time or two early.  Once the cut got going I did extra.  Strong comeback from last challenge, B+ effort for sure.


2. Cut like a boss.  Absolutely dominated this goal.  Not once was my deficit under 1K for the day.  Tape and scale were ahead of schedule.  Best cut I've had yet. A+


3. Write out and evaluate the plan. Did ok, I did the task as written.  No going above and beyond what was a simple goal.  B.


L. Painting the house has begun.  We have paint.  We have a sprayer and all the other supplies we need.  The worst wall has been scraped and primed.  Powerwasher will be here on Wed.


Making a new bed is on hold, pending renting a truck to get the materials.  In the meantime I made this little planter inspired by an oft copied design found in the Case Study home program:




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Final day cutting today, then its back to bulking.  I definitely want to get leaner, but I can wait another cycle.  I'm right on the cusp of all the time abs right now.


Was still 1/8" away from my goal waist this am, expect to hit it tomorrow (hitting #'s on the head, high precision cutting FTW). Scale has actually gone up the last couple days, was 207.8 last night, 4 lbs less than my starting point, but it was 206.4 a couple days ago.


Diet Data for Monday:

2187 cals intake (the cell the princess was in)

653 cals exercise (lifting+walking)

1534 net cals

1216 cals deficit


Total deficit after day 13: 16251 cals

Deficit to go: 1249 cals

Daily target to reach goal in remaining 1 days: 1249 cals

% of way to goal: 92.9%

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