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Chen Wangting - Tales of the Jedi : Basic training

Chen Wangting

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The Republic and the Jedi Order are in engaged in active conflict. 6 Months ago contact was lost to 47 different worlds in the outer rim. The expedition force sent to investigate also disappeared. Shortly after this contact to an additional 18 worlds was lost. This time the republic and the jedi order sent mixed task force of regular troops and jedi.

Above an unnamed desert plant the task force was ambushed by much larger fleet. The surviving jedi reported that multiple very strong dark side users were in command of the attacking fleet. The battle took about 4 hours and only 3 task force ships could make it back to republican space. At same time the number of terrorist attacks rose significantly.  The attacks grew also way more vicious. They are almost always directed towards places or persons of strategic importance to the republic. About 4 Months ago rumors started spreading among frontline troops that the attackers were the descendants of the old sith empire. The empire last attacked the republic 1000 years ago and unto this point was nothing more than a story to scare the children. But rumors stuck and keep growing...


The republic and the order are holding the line for the moment but are desperate for fresh troops. More Recruits and Padawan candidates are reaching coruscant daily and are put into training as fast as possible...  




Week 1: In the first week of basic training the new students of the order are learning the following new things:
* Protection against sith mind control techniques (i will install a website and app blocker solution at my phone and desktop)  
* They get their first course about the war and what they are fighting for (i will do the mindset quests in the academy)
* Also it is made sure that they are well rested for the fights to come (7 hours of sleep every night, if the next day is
a work day i'm in bed by 11:45, on work days i'm on my way to work
* they also have to meditate each day and work three times a week with the training remotes (10 minutes meditation and 40 double handed swings 3x peer Week)








Week 2: The second week will be filled with a tripp to ireland aehm the frontlines(vacation: nothing planned here)




Week 3: While maintaining the training from week 1 during week three the students are required
to help out in temple library. A reorganization of the library is nessecary, to make it easier to find information
about the sith empire(sell 5 five books (ebay, facebook))
* The students also started learning about how the force helps the to improve their physical abilities
(Read the academy nutrition chapter and start the quests)





Week 4: By the end of week four the students will be assaigned to masters in various branches of the order to continue their training.
But before that they have to study strategy. Especially how the republic collects money to fund the war and how it deploys it's conventional
troops (sell 5 five books (ebay, facebook), buy plane ticket to nf meetup in scotland) and they have to finish the studies of manipulating their physical

For the republic!



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Ok, short Update...

At my desktop i've installed leechblock in the browser. https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/leechblock/

This works like a charm. It will block a number of sites from 11:15 pm till 6:30 am.


For the phone i've just installed clearLock. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.clearproductivity.clearlock&hl=en

Haven't used it jet. It will block a number of apps from 11:15 pm till 8:00 am.


I've been procrastinating a bit about the academy pictures. Because of roommates... stupid i know.

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15 hours ago, Chen Wangting said:

I'm in Ireland at the moment. Having a long needed break. Will be back on Monday and respond fully than.

Have fun!

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So the first reports from the front are in....


The first week...




In Addition to that i did 40 kb swings on two days and worked on the academy quests.

I took my pictures, my measurements and wrote down my big why (that was hard) and shared it. Goal setting is next.


The second week...


(For now only web images as i have seem to used up my attachment quota ?)









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Over already... So how were those first battles and where does the republic stand...




Academy: I'm way slower than expected. Decided on my first goal and the loot for it. Started getting out of the subway after work two stops earlier and walking the rest. Next tuesday i reached two weeks of doing this. My first reward:




I'm now thinking about the batcave quest. Got my bareball from the attic and started playing around a bit with dead lifts.

One set with 22 pounds: 8 reps

One set with 44 pounds: 8 reps

Four sets with 66 pounds: 8 reps each


Selling books & buying plane tickets: Fail. Did nothing.


Kettlebell: Did 54 Swings today


Third Week:



Fourth Week:



Conclusion: Not great, but at least something is happening. I will keep working.

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