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E_Mo's Summer of Super Fun Things


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Main mission: Look fab in a bikini? Lose a couple lbs? tone up a bit?

Summer is on full force in Austin! We have boat parties, pool parties, vacations, and just overall lots of great stuff going on. I am looking to balance my fun stuff with my health stuff...all culminating in Oktoberfest in Germany.

 dancing chevy chase oktoberfest clark griswold national lampoons european vacation


Goal 1: FitnessWorkout at least 180 minutes per week

PLAN MY WORKOUTS (this will be something I work on today and tomorrow)

Make it to the climbing gym at least two times per week. Some form of hiking, climbing, yoga, kayaking fitness blender combo. 

A - 180+ minutes

B - 150 - 179 minutes

C - 120 - 149 minutes

D - 90 - 119 minutes

F - <89 minutes


Goal 2: Fitbit Business

I just realized my goal last challenge was to only get 55,555 steps and I just slayed it. My goal is to average 70,000 steps per week. 

A - 70,000+/week

B - 65,000 - 69,999 steps per week

C - 60,000 - 64,999 steps

D - 55,000 - 59,999

F - 55,499 steps or below


Goal 3: NO alcohol during the week. Not even a little wine. Also cool it on the weekends. Ain't nobody need to see me binge drinking.

A - none per week

B - one per week

C - two per week

D - three per week

F - four per week


Bonus: record all calories during the week and remain around 15,000

Bonus two: attend one circuit training class - I have been wanting to try but I am too intimidated


Life Quest

My dogs need some serious training. I have four tricks I want to work on that will help her be more polite. 

Image result for did i do that dog meme


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I am getting ready for vacation! Woo. Headed to the midwestern beach for a girl's weekend with my friends from high school. It will be great fun.


Today was still a rough day at work. My coworker is sick and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get sick before vacation.


I am rethinking my walking goal. It is just so dang hot outside. 98 degrees after work and it was super humid. I suppose we will see how it goes.

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Stuck in the airport for three extra hours. I am utilizing my 90 free minutes of wifi. 

I am heading on vacation tonight and will spend the weekend on the beach here:

 Grand Haven Beach, Lake Michigan

 Not too shabby.


So far no alcohol and I have been eating less than 1400 calories per day (minus today where I went over at 1650).

I have gotten in two really solid workouts on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I packed and did laundry all day and I don't think this weekend will get any better. I'm banking on walking a lot to carry these next few days while I am on vacation.


Here's to hoping my flight doesn't get cancelled. Until then I will enjoy my now 78 minutes of free wifi and then start pacing the airport to get more steps. It's better than nothing!

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So as expected with a summer of super fun things, I have been quite busy and have not been able to update this in awhile.


I haven't been doing great with my walking challenge  - only got about 58,000 for last week due to vacation and it being so dang hot out in Texas. I have, however, been climbing and doing quick workouts at home. I still really like the small changes I am seeing in my muscles.


Otherwise I have been logging my food during the week in MFP and haven't had alcohol during the week (a very hard thing for where I live). 


I haven't been doing the dog training like I wanted to, but I have been doing some mindful eating and taking more time to think about the food before eating and have been putting down my fork in between bites. I actually really like it versus just inhaling all the food I eat. My next challenge will have a lot of mindfulness based stress reduction techniques because I need it!

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