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Fenyx Becomes The Flash!

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Well it happened. Success struck our hero and combined with the pure chemical of awesome she became... The fastest (wo)man alive! Or at least that's the goal. 


Like the Barry Allen era of the flash I find myself  racing against the clock to do anything yet still ending up late to everything! So for this challenge it's time to harness my inner speedster and become one with the speed force!


Goal #1: Run Like The Wind… No Faster!





Like any speedster the goal is to run, and that is the first of my goals! While I've increased my walking time and distances it is time to increase the speed! The goal this month is to spend at least 5 minutes of every walk actually running! Aside from it being perfect for a super speedster I've been unable to run for a long time due to hip injuries and surgeries through the years on top of weight adding on and joints protesting. Now that I've worked on strengthening and losing the speed force has set my body to tingling as it yearns to swiftly shift through space. 


(Success will be determined on a week by week basis depending on how often my workout has me walking and if I decide to do extra walking, all on a % scale where 75% or more of walks include a 5 minute run) 


Goal #2: Uh You Want Me To What Now?




As The Flash grew into his own he learned new abilities by pushing himself. Before he knew it his speed became more than simply running, and a lot of the time it hadn't even occurred to him that it was possible. He could use it to defy gravity, suck the air out of a room, "walk" on water, and even hide his face and voice through high vibrations. In this fashion I will be pushing myself as well and gaining new abilities through phase two of my diastasis recti workout (which is already showing signs of progress from phase one :D)


(Success will be determined by how many workouts I make. For the duration of the recovery workout plan I've missed one day in six weeks, I'd like to see no days missed this time around!)


Goal #3: Better Late Than... Wait No It's Not!




One of the more important facets of being a speedster is utilizing your speed in an advantageous manner. Barry Allen was known for being the fastest man alive and yet late to everything. My thoughts have always been that he is so busy saving everyone that even as the fastest man alive he cannot make it on time to his own things. Much like him I find myself falling behind as I try to take care of a newer baby and a bunch of house changes my hubby and I have decided to take on. Sadly this means I've had days I've suddenly realized I hadn't showered in a day or two, missed brushing my teeth, or even taken a moment for my brain to relax with itself. Instead of letting it try to defeat me like The Reverse-Flash I will fight back. Instead of being late to my own needs I will make the goal of "being on time" to take care of myself. This includes showering daily, brushing teeth twice a day, taking 20 minutes to read/study my Japanese or simply relax where it doesn't include time spent showering or the like, or even going to sleep on time!


(Success will be determined by how often I accomplish those objectives daily and on a combined weekly effort. Missing more than two a day will have me sweating to fail myself)



In the spirit of competition each week will put our hero against a Flash enemy in an epic fight to the finish line!


Week 1: Gorilla-Grodd.jpg


Grodd! Week 1 will find me up against a foe who is strong physically but known for his mental abilities. The biggest challenge will be getting into the right mindset to defeat him, and a helmet to block him out might be good too! 80% success to Win


Week 2: ProfessorZoom_New52.jpg


Reverse Flash Professor Zoom! Week two will see the habits forming and coming to call against one of the iconic enemies in the speedster ranks! With a push and some quick steps I'll speed to the front! 85% success to Win


Week 3: J5XYzvX.png


Captain Cold! Intelligent, cunning, crazy cold bastard. Week three will see him melting in the wake of my fiery passion and dedication! 90% success to Win


Week 4: Zoom-The-Flash.jpg


Zoom! The dreaded arch nemesis and the one that will test all of my skills and acquired habits through goals! Only through determination, strong sense of self, and some kick ass confidence will he be defeated! 95% success to win


See you all at the finish line, and hopefully not as a doomed timeline remnant!



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Today is the final day! My birthday was on the 16th and with that and a surprise birthday party yesterday from the husband of awesome I have had a somewhat crazy week. Grodd looms on the horizon and my numbers indicate that there is hope, albeit small! But! I'm going to push for it and we shall see!!

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On June 18, 2016 at 2:18 PM, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:

Happy belated birthday!! 


Thank you! Was a big year for it it seems lol


23 hours ago, black_daquiri said:

I also want to add that I feel so much better to hear that I'm not the only new mom that neglects self-care. Shower? Eh, I can do it later. Teeth? Maybe! Retainers... Um every three days? 


Glad to hear you're making this a priority! It's something I should do too... 


See now I'm glad to hear it's not just me xD cause I was beating myself up about it over here thinking "what mom does that eh" and my own mom was expressing "all of us dear, it's a hell of an adjustment". But man with this challenge setup I have I managed to really make a habit out of it almost already! Making a goal to take care of you is wise I think, discovering it's much easier to do for baby Rook when I'm well taken care of :D. 


And now! Hang on to your speed suits people, here comes the battle update!



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After a week of battle our hero emerges from the shadows. Her foe, a super intelligent telepathic gorilla, marked the week with many setbacks of the mind as he attempted to shatter her psyche and break her. After much struggle and one hell of a fight the winner is clear, but only barely.




With a the help of some proper head gear Fenyx has vanquished Grodd! 




Well It certainly was a week from hell. I managed to get a pretty bad start and missed a handful of random hygiene things through the week (thankfully not all on one day though). My score ended up reflecting quite well how the week went considering that I required 80% to defeat Grodd.


Workouts were a total success, none missed though some had to be modified when I started not feeling a bit well but refused to miss a workout.


Every time I went for a walk I got in my 5 minutes of run! Was pretty stoked since past hip surgeries and bars put in and taken out combined with a little more weight that I had a few years ago made it pretty impossible. But being able to run again, no matter how tired I feel during or after, was exhilarating!


And finally! My hygiene and taking care of me... could have gone better. I got into a better habit of my hygiene and giving myself time to relax away from everything, but I had a few days where I missed one or two and just didn't give the effort I could have.


So overall it was a resounding success, and Grodd met his end at my running feet as they increased speed, ability, and punctuality to self ;)

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Exhaustion crept in threatening to strangle the success from her limbs as Fenyx stepped from the wreckage that was the battle with Grodd. With a deep breath and a calming sigh she began the journey towards home. Out of the corner of her eye she notes a strange light flashing in her peripheral.


With a sudden burst of energy Fenyx dodged to the side, narrowly avoiding an incoming attack, and discovered that the battle was not quite over yet. Her eyes met with those of her next foe and her lips twitched into a crooked smile. "Bring it," she breathed softly as The Reverse Flash rushed towards her!




Does Fenyx have what it takes to defeat The Reverse Flash? Will her battle with Grodd slow her down? Can she possibly be more awesome?!? Find out next week on:


Fenyx Becomes The Flash!

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Final day of the battle with the reverse flash and I'm feeling good! I'm barely under the required percentage needed to win and I'm hella confident I'll be hitting it.

Been a bit of a meh week finding out I have an infection in my toe thanks to my first ingrown toenail (faaaaaantastic) so on lovely antibiotics that don't let me go in the sun and make me super thirsty (bonus). But. The worst part was being told to try and keep the toe out of physical stuff (makes walking and such a little harder when it hurts) while making sure to "release the poison" via massage of the toe after soaking it. So I've got a lobster toe that's repeatedly being "drained" and made sore. All in all I'm sure it'll end up being fine but the ordeal has lasted a few months and I'm ready for it to no longer hinder my progress.

In the final stretch of the day I am pleased that I've had two days where I was given the "it's ok if you don't workout or walk cause it's midnight" and I almost did... Before refusing to give in to the Reverse Flash and getting up and pushing through it. So far I've missed zero workouts this week and hit every part of running in my walk I wanted to, feeling very promising! Updates to come between now and tomorrow!

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