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Brutal Bears Finds Balance

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Brutal Bears Finds Balance







So, things have been going well in life. Since I have joined NF a little over a year ago, I have lost a lot of weight, become healthier, quit smoking, starting kicking ass in school, got promoted, got a girlfriend, walked to Mordor, and over all became more awesome. But, I tend to crack under the pressure of my own achievements, and balancing them is the ultimate challenge for me.  I Just can't get on this forum everyday anymore, I need to switch to updating weekly and balancing life. So, this challenge will be to find balance.

This challenge will be formatted like a boss battle and updated each weekend. The goal to kill boss. The theme of this challenge will be...hmm avatar. It is about time I did an avatar challenge.







Health: (50/50)



Brutal Bears the Lava Bender:


Possible Attacks:





Lava Slide: Going on a run-2 damage

Boulder Throw: Lifting-2 damage

 Tomb of Earth and Fire: Meditation-1 damage

Lava Spike: All School work done-2 damage

 Lava blade: Battle session-2 damage




R: Winter is Here


“I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” -John Galt

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Really enjoying the gamification elements of your challenge.  Can't wait to see what you accomplish over the next four weeks!

[Level ??] Rurik, the Thunderer

Class: Stormborn War-Shaman (Path of Giants Barbarian/Conquest Paladin/Elemental Domain Cleric)


Equipment:  Studded leather armor, war club, plus adventurer's pack containing rations, rope, and nature-based potions. 


"Rangers have to at least give up on pants. It's a special rule we enacted after Rurik became a Guild Leader.” – DarK_RaideR

"Did I just get my ass kicked by a member of Metallica meets History Channel's Vikings?" - Wild Wolf

"By the Well-Oiled-and-Meticulously-Groomed Beard of Rurik!" - Tanktimus the Encourager

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